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An artist's rendering of Fran and Michael in the train's dining car

Traveling First Class with an Angelic Companion

Her suave and handsome seatmate made a seven-year-old's journey a heavenly one.

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artwork with angels playing instruments

Illuminating Angels: The Music of Angels

From classic works to contemporary songs, angels have long been associated with music.

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Jenny Noyes daughter, Kelly
Special Needs Children

A Miraculous Birthday Breakthrough

A few simple words from a special-needs daughter inspire great joy in her mother.

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Barbara Green
Coping With Illness

The Angelic Whisper

An attentive daughter is summoned by angels to ensure that her mother is safe at home.

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Linda Maglione with her trainer, Matt
Emotional and Mental Health

Inspired to Run Again

Faith, prayer and a fitness trainer allowed her to reclaim something she loved.

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An artist's rendering of a butterfly bush

Angels in Bloom: Buddy's Easter Blessing

A grieving grandmother's faith is restored each spring with the arrival of Easter.

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Guideposts: Anne Roy's Leftover Turkey Soup is a tasty family favorite after Thanksgiving.

Leftover Turkey Soup

This delicious recipe makes the most of what remains of your Thanksgiving turkey.

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The German Bible that proved the answer to a family's prayer

An Impulse Purchase Proves an Inspired Gift

A family's prayer is answered when their beloved Bible is returned to them.

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Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes recalls a snowed-in Christmas.
Positive Thinking

Snow Halts Travel But Not the Christmas Spirit

Though weather conditions scotched holiday plans, nothing could stop my Yuletide spirit.

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Lost car keys

Faith Is the Key

In this excerpt from Robert J. Morgan's Angels, a 20,000-to-1 chance comes to pass.

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