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An artist's rendering of an angel clasping a heart to her chest
Addiction and Recovery

The Angel That Helped Him Recover

A grieving widower discovers that God puts certain people in our lives for heavenly reasons.

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Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes

All God's Creatures Are Angels

Evie's wonder at one of God’s creatures reminds me that there really is no such thing as a “common” animal.

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Artist's rendering of an angel perched atop a speeding train, holding a lantern

Angels Ride the Rails

Her childhood wasn’t perfect, but she wouldn’t let that erase her happiest memories.

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A flock of seagulls looking like angels on a rainy day

Rainy-Day Angels

Their wings soared gracefully around, resembling nothing so much as angels.

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Mary Cassatt, “Mother Combing Sara’s Hair,” 1901

The Angel of Madison Avenue

A group of strangers helped her see her mother's eccentric behavior in a new light.

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Travel to Los Angeles with Angels on Earth

Join us as we explore the role that angels play in L.A.'s artistic and cultural life.

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A hand reaches with a tiny blue gift box in the open palm.
Managing Life Changes

Her Mother's Loving Arms

Though she dearly missed her departed mother, an unexpected gift from a friend brought her comfort.

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An artist's rendering of a happy outdoor wedding

Just Perfect!

She hoped to give her daughter the wedding of her dreams, but could she pull it off?

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A St. Bernard relaxing on the grass as a heavenly light shines above.

Her Dog Protected Her from Harm

This furry four-legged guardian angel kept her safe.

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An artist's rendering of a young girl building a sand castle at the beach
Special Needs Children

Sea of Angels

Her daughter had swum out too far and gone missing. She prayed for angels to assist her.

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