Angels on Earth

Connect with the angelic spirits among us with the inspirational, spiritual stories in Angels on Earth magazine.
Joan Ripley and her granddaughter Clara
Emotional and Mental Health

Given Shelter from the Storm by a Heavenly Host

Seeking shelter from a sudden storm, a mother finds safe haven for her kids.

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Henry Ossawa Tanner
Finding Life Purpose

An Artist Inspired to Look Ever Upward

Nineteenth-century artist Henry Ossawa Tanner overcame hardship to create lasting beauty.

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woman putting out a cigarette in an ash tray.

The Angel That Helped Me Quit Smoking

God's love and my guardian angel helped me beat my addiction.

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A mint granita in a stem glass
Positive Living

Mint Granitas

This frosty treat is the perfect way to cool off on a warm late-spring day.

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Karyl Christ's poodle, Casey

A Wayward Poodle and an Answered Prayer

Who better to find a missing pooch than a diligent doggie detective?

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Elizabeth Barbera clasps a photo of her departed son Jason.
Coping With Grief

Her Faith Was Restored by Mother Goose

A grieving mom is inspired by her interactions with a pair of feathered parents-to-be.

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An artist's rendering of Fran and Michael in the train's dining car

Traveling First Class with an Angelic Companion

Her suave and handsome seatmate made a seven-year-old's journey a heavenly one.

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Illuminating Angels: The Music of Angels

Illuminating Angels: The Music of Angels

From classic works to contemporary songs, angels have long been associated with music.

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Jenny Noyes daughter, Kelly
Special Needs Children

A Miraculous Birthday Breakthrough

A few simple words from a special-needs daughter inspire great joy in her mother.

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Barbara Green
Coping With Illness

The Angelic Whisper

An attentive daughter is summoned by angels to ensure that her mother is safe at home.

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