Angels on Earth

Connect with the angelic spirits among us with the inspirational, spiritual stories in Angels on Earth magazine.
An artist's rendering of a winged young woman with a gas can

AAA: Angels Always on Alert

Out of gas, stranded on the shoulder, could she make it to her son's for Christmas Eve?

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Katha Bardel with some of her dance students

Divinely Inspired to Continue Dancing

This dance instructor was ready to retire—until she heard an angel's voice in the night.

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An illustration from Billy Tucci's book, showing Mary and Joseph in the stable
Finding Life Purpose

Jesus Christ, Superhero

What did a comic book artist know about spreading the good news? Plenty, as it turns out.

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A Thanksgiving turkey with side dishes
Answered Prayers

Giving Thanks for Surprise Visitors

Surprise visitors brighten a great grandmother's Thanksgiving celebration.

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One of Oprah Winfrey's black angels at the Angel Museum in Beloit, Wisconsin

An Angel for Everyone

When it comes to angels, there is something for everyone, no matter your interests.

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An artist's rendering of Goldie, the Christmas chicken

Goldie, the Christmas Chicken

A Virginia man encounters a wounded chicken that proves to be one tough bird.

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A woman wearing a red woolen coat

The Blessing of an Old Friend Returned

A mother on a budget is reminded of what she has when an old coat goes missing.

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Laurie Spence and her daughter Mary Ellen

Blessed to Be Born at the Right Time

A young mother is reassured that heaven is keeping an eye on her daughter.

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An artist's rendering of the two Dorothys

An Earth Angel Named Dorothy

An unexpected letter from a woman with a familiar name sparks a devoted friendship.

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A server's tray with a lone glass of ginger ale on it
Life After Death

An Angelic Ginger Ale

Pop Pop was gone, but his presence was still felt—in the form of his favorite soda.

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