Angels on Earth

Connect with the angelic spirits among us with the inspirational, spiritual stories in Angels on Earth magazine.

A ski gondola rises, with heavenly streams of light pouring down
Coping With Grief

Comforted in Her Grief

A treasured memory reassures a grieving mother that her departed son is at peace.

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A young male angel walks along a wooded path.

Divine Guidance

Was the cabbie an angelic travel companion, or just a practitioner of good old Southern hospitality?

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An artist's rendering of a heavenly angel blowing out a match

The Breath of Hope

Call it divine interference. Match after match... the fire wouldn't light.

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Guardian angels hover near an expectant mother, watching over her and her baby

Safely Escorted by Heavenly Angels

Her baby was threatening to arrive before she could reach the hospital; who would protect her and her newborn child?

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Avenging Angel, Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Beautiful Angel Statues

These beautifully crafted and inspiring angels makes their homes in cemeteries around the world.

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God Sent an Angel to Help Her Family

Heavenly Comfort from an Angelic Visitor

In this excerpt from Miracles in Tough Times, a daughter experiences an amazing answer to prayer.

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An artist's rendering of an angel with wings made of rose petals
Managing Life Changes

Abuela's Roses

Gardens need tender love and lots of patience, but she wanted to be comforted now.

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An artist's rendering of a soldier looking heavenward in the desert of Iraq

Angels Over Iraq

From the moment her nephew was deployed, she worried and prayed—until she found unexpected comfort and reassurance.

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hospital hallway in a blue, dreamlike blur

Far Away from Home

In this excerpt from Best Angel Stories 2016, a gravely ill teenager is visited by an angel.

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A sign listing visitor rules in a prison

A Child of the King

She was distraught over seeing her son in prison, until a kind word from a stranger eased her fears.

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