Better Living

One key to better living is to look for wisdom in many places. Heeding wise words of life advice can help improve your health, increase your sense of wellness, and bring joy into each day. Good life advice can also fill you up in the literal sense, when it includes recipes for foods that nurture the body and spirit.
Learning to say "no" in a positive way

Positive Reading List: 'The Book of No'

Being able to say “no” with authenticity, confidence and heart is a skill worth cultivating.

Helen Mirren and Gary Oldman at the Movies For Grownups Awards

Inside AARP's 'Movies For Grownups' Awards

The event is the only awards show of its kind that highlights moving, inspirational films for the more grownup moviegoer. 

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A senior woman in the kitchen consulting her recipe book for a dish.

4 Ways to Make Food More Fun

Whether it's adapting to portion size or freezing your food, here are a few tips to make your food last longer.

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Drowning in details? Spiritual lifesavers

Drowning in Details? 6 Ways to Cope

If you're sinking under the weight of all life's daily demands, here are some spiritual lifesavers.

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Facing stress and finding happiness

Leaning into Stressful Situations for a Happy Outcome

Research suggests that working through stressful situations offers the promise of fulfillment and happiness in the future.

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3 ways to help relationships grow

3 Ways Positive Thinking Can Help Relationships Grow

Living optimistically nurtures the relationships that enrich our lives, helping them both grow and last.

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Anthony Mancinelli, the world's oldest working barber

Guideposts Pays a Visit to the World's Oldest Barber

Listen as New York City barber Michael Haar converses with Anthony Mancinelli, the world oldest barber, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Anthony, born on March 2,  1911, has been cutting hair since the age of 12.

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A senior citizen brushing his teeth while looking at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

6 Steps to Daily Wellness

Try these simple steps to improve your health and quality of life

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Sharon's medals from Good Samaritan Society – Bonell Community's Senior Olympics.

A Gold Medal Performance

Her positive attitude helped her regain her strength and recover from a serious illness.

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Caregiving—Faith in Action

Our faith comes alive when we express love to people in times of need.

Brian Bird on set of Hallmark Channel's hit TV series, When Calls the Heart.

When God Has Big Plans for You

After sharing a pizza with TV producer Brian Bird of One Calls the Heart, an unexpected creative collaboration results.

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Stephen Chbosky directing a scene in "Wonder"

Stephen Chbosky on Making the World Better with 'Wonder'

The director and best-selling author shares how he hopes his new film can teach kids and parents lessons of kindness and acceptance. 

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Blessing someone you don't like

Blessing Someone You Don’t Like

A surefire way to release resentment and anger

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President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: A Courage Born of Depression

Abraham Lincoln knew great loss and deep sorrow throughout his life, and it may be that his lifelong melancholia gave him the strength to handle the crises of his years as president.

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