Better Living

One key to better living is to look for wisdom in many places. Heeding wise words of life advice can help improve your health, increase your sense of wellness, and bring joy into each day. Good life advice can also fill you up in the literal sense, when it includes recipes for foods that nurture the body and spirit.

Lee Strobel on the set for The Case for Heaven discussing life after death

How Lee Strobel Makes a Case for Heaven

After his own close brush with death, an author seeks to understand life after death.

Feeling sadness

Why Sadness Is Part of a Healthy Grieving Process

Healing after a loss means embracing the fullness of your emotions.

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Plant-based proteins

Try Plant-Based Proteins to Cut Your Grocery Bill

As delicious as they are affordable, these nutritious foods make summer eating a joy.

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Fresh summer produce

How to Store Summer Fruits and Veggies (And Save Money)

Here are five easy tips to make sure none of the season’s deliciousness goes to waste.

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Meeting neighbors

Positive Living—Finding Happiness in Your Community

New research connects diverse neighborhoods with feelings of satisfaction at home.

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The cast of Thirteen Lives on set in true inspiring story of Thai cave rescue

The Miraculous True Story Behind 'Thirteen Lives'

Cave diver Rick Stanton—played by Viggo Mortenson in Ron Howard’s new film—shares details of the dramatic rescue in a Thai cave.

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A Note of Hope from the Garden: One Plant, Many Blooms

Nourish, feed and care for yourself, and you will blossom too.

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Erin's daughter, Aurora, at the Shire of Montana; photo courtesy Erin Janoso

A Lesson Learned During a Family Trip to a Hobbit House

It would be a magical anniversary trip in The Shire of Montana—as long as their daughter could follow the rules.

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An illustration by Aura Lewis of a woman watering her flowers

How She Learned to Stop People Pleasing

Set boundaries and say no to others without feeling guilty.

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Lifestyle expert Katie Brown

Katie Brown's DIY Autumn Décor

The lifestyle expert shows you how to create a lovely wreath for your front door this autumn!

Cavanal Hill, just outside Poteau, Oklahoma; photo by Shevaun Williams

Greetings From Small-Town America: Poteau, Oklahoma

A native son of this community in eastern Oklahoma shares what makes his hometown so special, including the world’s highest hill.

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Edward and Gracie walking in the woods

Farewell for Just a While

With final edits due on a family memoir about Alzheimer’s as well as travel to Oberammergau, blogging takes a break.

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Looking at art

Why Visiting an Art Museum Is Good for Your Mental Health

New research shows a reduction in stress hormones after just 30 minutes in a museum.

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Man breaking a cigarette in half; Getty Images

Divine Intervention Helped Him Quit Smoking

This heaven-sent dream motivated him to beat his nicotine addiction.

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Follmer Family 7UP Cake; photo courtesy Mike Follmer

Follmer Family 7 UP Cake

Here's a tasty Southern treat the whole family will enjoy.

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Summer Campfire

Summer Treats—Fun, Delicious Alternatives to S’mores

Tasty alternatives to a campfire classic

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