Better Living

One key to better living is to look for wisdom in many places. Heeding wise words of life advice can help improve your health, increase your sense of wellness, and bring joy into each day. Good life advice can also fill you up in the literal sense, when it includes recipes for foods that nurture the body and spirit.
Seder at Passover

How Passover Is a Model of Authentic Positivity

Truly celebrating the joy of liberation means facing the struggles we’ve endured.

Positive thoughts to fight depression

Can Positive Thinking Help Ease Depression?

There’s no magic wand to combat a depressive episode, but gently urging your thoughts in a positive direction is a helpful, mood-stabilizing practice.

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The importance of making time for yourself

Take Care of Yourself First

You can’t keep pouring energy into your family if your physical and spiritual well is empty.

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Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons in "Hearts Beat Loud"

SXSW Review: 'Hearts Beat Loud'

Nick Offerman's loveable family drama finds its rhythm.  

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Emily Blunt in "A Quiet Place"

SXSW Review: 'A Quiet Place'

John Krasinki's horror film shows a surprising amount of heart. 

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Mr. Rogers in the new doc "Wont You Be My Neighbor"

'Won't You Be My Neighbor' Celebrates the Life of Mr. Rogers

The first full-length trailer for the documentary gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at one of TV's most beloved icons. 

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photo from "Take Your Pills doc

SXSW Doc 'Take Your Pills' Explores a Different Drug Crisis

The Netflix documentary produced by Maria Shriver and her daughter Christina Schwarzenegger highlights a lesser-known drug epidemic in America. 

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Jim Caviezel and James Faulkner in "Paul, Apostle of Christ"

Jim Caviezel on the Very Personal Motivation Behind His New Faith-Based Film

The actor shares the personal reason why he wanted to sign on to "Paul, Apostle of Christ," his first faith-based film in 14 years. 

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A woman watching the sun rise over a beach stands with her arms upraised

9 Quotes On Success From People Changing The World

Some of the most successful people on the planet have lived through failure and learned from it. Let their earned words of wisdom motivate you to continue to strive for success. 

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Guideposts Writers Workshop

Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest

Enter to win an all-expenses paid trip to Rye, New York, and learn everything we know about inspirational storytelling.

Taylor Swift performs on the Tonight Show

Taylor Swift Sings 'New Year's Day'

Taylor Swift debuts her 2017 single "New Year's Day" for the Tonight Show audience.

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Daffodils of spring

Welcome Spring with a Simple, Inexpensive Bouquet

The spring equinox brings the promise of fresh, vibrant growth. Why not bring some of that into your home?

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Searching for your truth

‘The Streetlight Effect’ and Our Search for Truth

Finding answers to what challenges us means being open to looking for truth wherever it may be.

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Former collegiate and professional basketball star Otis Birdsong

Guideposts Classics: Otis Birdsong on Faith in Tough Times

In this story from April 1982, the former collegiate and professional basketball star recalls how faith and a mother's love saw him through a bad slump.

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