Better Living

One key to better living is to look for wisdom in many places. Heeding wise words of life advice can help improve your health, increase your sense of wellness, and bring joy into each day. Good life advice can also fill you up in the literal sense, when it includes recipes for foods that nurture the body and spirit.
Stars of Animals Shows on TV

8 Heartwarming Animal Shows You Can Watch Now

Can’t get enough creatures in your life? Check out these awesome TV animals. 

TobyMac, Lauren Daigle and Bart Millard

Dove Awards 2018: What You Need to Know Before You Watch

Catch up with the hottest names in Christian music before the Dove Awards air on October 21.

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TobyMac on Christian Music and Raising a Son with a Disability

TobyMac talks about his new album, his family and what he looks forward to.

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Knitting for health

The Positive Power of Working with Your Hands

Research shows that creating something with your own two hands stimulates brain chemicals that improve mental health.

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Healthy dips for fall

3 Healthy, Easy-to-Make Fall Dips Everyone Will Love

Whether you’re dipping veggies or chips, a fresh tasting, good-for-you dip shows your guests you care about their bodies and taste buds.

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Finding joy

The Importance of Being Happy

A renewed spirit is important to faith. And finding what brings us joy is part of that.

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Woman sleeping peacefully

How to Commit to a Regular Bedtime—and Reap the Health Benefits

A new study shows that a consistent bedtime could lengthen your life. Here’s how to stick to a regular sleep schedule.

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Sliced banana bread loaf with walnuts and cinnamon on wooden board.

A Mother's Answered Prayer for Her Son's Recovery

She had always leaned on her faith. But when it came to her drug-addicted son her faith did not feel enough.

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Cropped shot of an female nurse holding her senior patient's hand in comfort.

Do You Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Use this helpful infographic to learn what you need to know.

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Blowing in the wind.

3 Ways to Stand Strong When Storms of Life Attack

A new perspective on how to navigate winds of change. 

A senior man working out in the gym.

What to Do During and After a Stroke

Get practical advice on what to do if you have a stroke and discover how to manage your recovery

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Speech pathologist Elizabeth Ballone with Jim Woods.

A Miraculous Recovery in Hospice

After his stroke, he was not expected to live and was sent to hospice care. The story didn't end there.

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A woman helps her friend in distress.

Stroke: How a Woman Helped Save Her Friend

Merry Jo Escher didn't feel good. Her quick-thinking friend recognized the symptoms and got help.

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Adjusting to a new normal

3 Ways to Adjust to a ‘New Normal’

Start by remembering that whatever may have changed, you are still you.

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