Better Living

One key to better living is to look for wisdom in many places. Heeding wise words of life advice can help improve your health, increase your sense of wellness, and bring joy into each day. Good life advice can also fill you up in the literal sense, when it includes recipes for foods that nurture the body and spirit.

Jar Cakes

Jar Cakes

Kids will get a big kick out of eating these cakes from a jar.

Clearing up, cleaning out, finding beauty

Clearing Away, Cleaning Up and Finding Beauty

A neglected old garage is given a new life and reveals wonders.

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Former Olympic pentathlete Tom Lough

This Olympian Thrives on Positive Thinking

Setting new goals has helped 1968 Olympian Tom Lough overcome setbacks brought on by aging, injuries and even cancer.

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Doug at Caron’s Pennsylvania campus

Getting Arrested Saved His Life: A Tale of Sobriety and Grace

He was the CEO of a respected addiction treatment program, but his own life was spinning out of control until a DUI arrest shone a spotlight on his drinking problem.

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Fizzy, non-alcoholic dreams for summer.

Recipes: 4 Refreshing, Fizzy Drinks to Start off Your Summer

Let your summer begin with non-alcoholic drinks that tickle your nose and remind you of the carefree joys of longer, warmer days.

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Actress and singer Leslie Uggams

Guideposts Classics: Leslie Uggams on Lending a Helping Hand

In this story from April 2004, the star of stage, screen and television shares how a math teacher refused to allow the 12-year-old Uggams' God-given talents to go undeveloped.

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Actor Chris Pratt

The Tip That Changed Chris Pratt's Life

Chris Pratt's life and career haven't always been on such an upward path. Not so long ago, a stranger interceded to help him find his way back on track.

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Positive Thinking

Tips to Create and Sustain a Positive Attitude

Sometimes, turning around negative thinking asks us to dig deeper than an affirmation.

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How to feel gratitude when you have allergies

The Allergies Gratitude List

When you're not feeling well, try a dose of gratitude! You'll be surprised at the results.

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What You Need to Know about Your Blood Pressure

What You Need to Know about Your Blood Pressure

For National Blood Pressure Awareness Month we had a cardiologist answer all of your burning questions about one of the most important functions of the body. 

Words of comfort for those who suffer.

Words of Comfort for Those Who Suffer

A Bible verse from 1 Peter joins us more closely to Christ.

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Julia Roberts Red Nose Day

How Red Nose Day Is Working to End Child Poverty

Comic Relief is partnering with NBC and other charities to end child poverty. Here's how you can help. 

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Veterans Community Project building tiny homes

Community Builds Village for Homeless Veterans

 A non-profit has helped create a village of tiny homes for veterans in need. 

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Getting past noise and stress.

4 Ways to Get Past Noise and Stress

You can’t always retreat from loudness, but you can use your imagination to connect with the still, calm place you always carry with you.

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