Debbie Shelkey-Lawson: My Kids and My Resolution

My kids are having fun with my resolution...

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A festive famly dinner

My kids are having fun with my resolution and have been asking me "Do you have a FAMILY DINNER planned, Mom?"

I've stuck with my regular dinners in the last week. I made a double batch of chili which lasted two nights and I made a beef stew. (I have four crock pots!) I don't know what I was thinking saying family dinners are 20 minutes! The kids plow through the plates, I'm lucky they stay at the table for 10 minutes. We had a taco night too. My hubby called for pizza delivery on Sunday and that works for me!

After a full workday, I still feel overwhelmed thinking about what to make for dinner. To make this resolution stick, I need to make some changes in how I shop and what I keep in the freezer to make planning meals easier. I went to the grocery store three days in a row!

Any advice on meals I can freeze?

—Debbie Shelkey-Lawson




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