A Mother-Daughter Team's Shared Faith

We share a love of the written word and a strong faith. She was my first Sunday school teacher...

- Posted on May 1, 2013

Flowers and wicker furniture on the cover of Sunflower Summer

Hanson and her mother, Barbara Andrews, are the authors of the Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn novel Sunflower Summer, under the shared pen name Evangeline Kelley.

When I was in elementary school I used to proudly fill out the question mother’s occupation as “freelance writer.” My mom, Barbara Andrews, left teaching when I came along, followed by my three siblings; wanted a career she could combine with motherhood.

In 1965 she made her first sale to Highlights children’s magazine and wrote many stories for Sunday-school magazines. Later she had her first book published, on collecting antique postcards.

She dreamed of being a writer, and my dream was to follow in her footsteps. That dream was fulfilled when we formed a writing partnership years ago. 

In our latest project, the Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn book Sunflower Summer, three sisters—Caroline, Gracie and Sam—have fond memories of summers spent on Nantucket with their mother. The sisters reunite on the island after their mother’s death to celebrate her life. They reminisce about her dream to own the Misty Harbor Inn. Drawing on their strong faith in each other and the Lord, they make that dream come true. Along the way, they also solve a centuries-old mystery.

Mom and I first teamed up before my older son was born; he recently graduated from college. So for more than 20 years now I have been able to pursue my dream of writing with my best friend: my mom.

We share a love of the written word and a strong faith. She was my first Sunday school teacher, and I continue to strive to follow in her generous footsteps.

When people ask how a mother and daughter can possibly work together, Mom and I just grin at each other and answer simultaneously: “As long as we’re not in the same room, it works!”

The truth is, successful collaboration is richly rewarding. We feel the presence of our strong faith in our life buoying us up no matter what we are doing. From working together on a church committee to writing to cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, everything is made better by doing it together.

Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews have authored more than 40 novels. Pam, a former reporter, and her professor husband have two sons. Barbara writes a column on collecting postcards for an antiques journal. They remain best friends after writing together for 20-plus years!

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