A New Kind of Christian Romance Book Series

Escape into romantic love stories – set in actual American towns – that celebrate faith and happy endings.

Posted in , Feb 7, 2022

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Step into love stories of faith, joy, and hope with Guideposts’ newest book series. Love Finds You is a collection of heartwarming, full-length Christian novels like no other. From romances kindled in small towns, to old loves lost and found on the high plains, to new loves discovered at exciting vacation getaways, each book offers you a fresh and original story that will keep you turning the page for more. 

So, what makes the Love Finds You series so unique? 

Each of the books is set in actual American towns with quirky, interesting names that inspire romance and faith, like Romeo, Colorado and Miracle, Kentucky. The novels draw on the compelling history or unique character of the real place, so readers will feel transported to the quaint and comforting feel of small-town America. 

Love Finds You is also a romance series that focuses on faith above all else. Elements of hope and steadfast faith are woven throughout the books to help readers feel inspired and closer to God. These books don’t just take you on a faith journey – they help you nurture your own. 

Each book features a strong and relatable main character that readers can often see in themselves; these characters  are so real, they come to feel more like friends. Take Claire Caspian, the protagonist in the first Love Finds You book, Love Finds You in Romeo, Colorado. Claire is a first-rate professor, teaching even the most cynical students to find beauty in literature. But with her personal story, she isn’t as successful. Having recently lost her husband, Claire returns with her young son to the tiny desert town of Romeo, Colorado, where she grew up. There she settles in with her feisty old abuelita (grandmother), the richest woman in the county, and attempts to rebuild her life. The last thing she is looking for is a relationship

But love comes searching for Claire in the form of an attractive local doctor named Stephen Reyes. Will another tragedy prevent her from accepting love the second time around? Or will Claire embrace her new Romeo and finally find a happy ending? 

This is perhaps what makes the Love Finds Your series so important right now: its focus on happy endings. After long days with work and chores – especially during difficult times – curling up with a book that will make us believe in happily ever after may be exactly what we all need.  

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of faith, hope, and happy endings with the Love Finds You book series.  

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