Back to the Future

He left his anxiety about the future in the hands of God.

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I’ve always been the kind of person who voids a dozen checks in January and February before he gets used to writing the new year. But since I’ve been at GUIDEPOSTS, my sense of time confusion has gotten even more confused.

Right now, I’m working on Daily Guideposts 2011, so when somebody says “this year,” my mind jumps two years ahead. “Last year” is 2010, which went to the printer last June. As for 2009, don’t ask.

I’m not sure what day of the week this Christmas will fall on, but I know when it falls in 2011 (on Sunday, if you’re planning ahead). The stories my wife Julia is writing about our five-year-old Stephen you’ll read when he’s seven.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m quite literally living in the future: I get letters from readers who tell me that devotional I assigned to a particular day 18 months before spoke directly to a situation in their lives that no one, least of all me, could have foreseen.

In February 2006, I sat in our conference room putting Daily Guideposts 2007 together. I slotted a devotional by Phyllis Hobe for July 2. In it, she told how, as a college student finding her way home in an electrical blackout, she had been met at the bus stop by her father carrying a light. On July 2, 2007, Phyllis Hobe died.

No matter how mysterious I may find the future or how anxious I may be about how things will turn out, this I know: all times are in the hands of God, and whatever day my body or my mind inhabit (even if they’re not the same) is filled with His presence and His love.

Andrew Attaway


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