Giving a Book as a Gift? How to Make It Extra Special

What you write inside the front cover will make it a lifetime treasure.

Posted in , Nov 30, 2021

Books as Christmas gifts

My husband and I are Godparents to a young man who is now 20 years old. Among the many ways we’ve relished our role in his life are gift-giving moments. Godparents get to send gifts that are not only fun but also meaningful.

The most meaningful are always books. Each birthday and each Christmas, we select and send our Godson a book we think he will enjoy, learn from or see as an opportunity to expand his view of the world. 

From the time he was way too young to read, we’ve always written an inscription inside the front cover of each book we’ve sent. Over the years, the words have reflected a moment in his life, a hope we have for what he might find between the covers of the book or just a reminder that we love and support him each birthday, Christmas…and every day in between.

Not long ago, he told us he has mentioned the tradition to his friends, some of whom have never received a gift with a personal note inside. It was an emotional moment for us all to realize that this seemingly simple practice of writing a brief inscription inside a book has elevated not only the gifts but the relationship we share. His collection of “Godparent books” tells a story far beyond fiction, biography, poetry or history. 

This holiday season if you present a book as a gift, consider writing a few lines inside the front cover—something that will tell the recipient about yourself, the book or what you most treasure about your relationship.

I promise, your inscribed books will be treasured gifts that keep on giving each time they are opened, for years to come.

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