Grace Chapel Inn's Sisterly Inspiration

There is something special about the relationship between sisters—you understand each other in a way no one else can.

- Posted on Mar 8, 2013

Talk of the Town Cover, a bird on a nest in spring

One of my favorite things, since becoming a Christian fiction editor at Guideposts, has been discovering the wonderful novels Guideposts has published over the years. And one series has quickly earned a special place in my heart—it’s a series about sisters, and it always makes me think of my own.

Tales from Grace Chapel Inn focuses on Alice, Louise and Jane, who turn their father’s beautiful Victorian home into a bed and breakfast. They live in the town of Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania, which is so charming and inviting that I wish it were a real place! I would love to stay at Grace Chapel Inn for a weekend with the Howard sisters and meet all the townspeople (like Aunt Ethel, whose sassy comments always make me laugh). The stories about faith and family are relaxing and fun, and every time I start another book in the series, I smile.

I truly connect with the relationship among the sisters. Alice, Louise and Jane all have very different personalities, and at first living and working together is not easy. Once they realize how to make the most of their strengths, though, the sisters discover that together they make a fantastic team.

My younger sister lived with me for a few years when she was beginning her career, and I will always cherish that time we had. There is something special about the relationship between sisters—you understand each other in a way not even your parents or spouse can understand you.

There is no one I am more comfortable with (and no one who makes me crazier). We live two time zones and almost 2,000 miles away from each other now, but reading a Tales from Grace Chapel Inn book always inspires me to write her an email or pick up the phone and give her a call.

Two more Tales from Grace Chapel Inn books just went on sale on—Talk of the Town and The Kindness of Strangersand I can’t wait to read them again.

And I can’t wait to talk to my sister.

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