Guideposts 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Guideposts 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
The Christmas shopping season is underway and finding just the right gift for your loved ones can be stressful.  Here’s our guide to help you find meaning-filled presents that will bring inspiration and comfort to everyone on your list. Find all these gifts and more in our shop!
  • Daily Guideposts 2017, Mornings with Jesus 2017

    Daily Devotions: The Gift of God's Comfort

    Daily Guideposts 2017, America’s best-selling annual devotional, features 365 days of uplifting and comforting devotions that will help your loved one grow in their faith every day of the year. Filled with brand-new devotions from talented writers, readers will enjoy a daily Scripture verse, uplifting true personal story and a brief prayer to bring focus to the day’s message.

    Mornings with Jesus 2017 features 365 devotions that will encourage your loved one to feel the embrace of Jesus’ love. Ten women, including best-selling authors Tricia Goyer and Cynthia Ruchti, delve into the teachings of Jesus and share a daily “Faith Step” to uplift and encourage.

  • Paws from Heaven, Angels in Disguise, Their Mysterious Ways, Too

    Pawsome and Purrfect Gifts for Animal Lovers

    Paws from Heaven is a delightful new book of over 60 personal accounts of how God blesses us in refreshing and remarkable ways through the living example of our animal companions.

    Their Mysterious Ways Too's heartwarming collection of true stories about dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards and other surprising creatures who share their love with us is a great gift to affirm that God knows our needs and how best to help us...sometimes with a furry face or a funny squirrel.

    Angels in Disguise is a Guideposts favorite, filled with uplifting stories of God's messengers that come in many surprising forms—from dogs to cats—parrots to horses.

  • Guideposts Daily Planner

    Give the Gift That Will Become a Treasured Keepsake!

    Guideposts Daily Planner is 5-Star Customer Rated! This beautifully designed calendar will help your loved one organize her appointments and manage her prayer life. Everyone needs to keep track of their commitments—the birthdays, appointments, social get-togethers—but this beautifully designed desk calendar will help them keep their life--spiritually and practically--organized and comforted with a greater sense of direction and peace.


  • Mysterious Ways and Best Angel Stories of 2016

    Miraculous Stories and God's Heavenly Angels

    Mysterious Ways is a heartwarming NEW collection of over 100 miraculous true stories showing that God is actively working in our lives and always watching over us.

    The Best Angels of 2016 is an exceptional volume brimming with amazing true stories of angel encounters! This all-new collection features over eighty stand-out stories, showing how God and His angels watch over us.

  • Glimpses of Eternity and Crossing the Threshold

    Give a Sampling of Heaven's Glory

    Glimpses of Heaven & Crossing the Threshold (2 book set)

    Glimpses of Heaven is a collection of more than forty true stories of people who experienced, with spiritual eyes and ears things that cannot be explained in human terms. In each story you will meet a different patient of the author Trudy Harris, who was a hospice nurse for over 25 years.

    Crossing the Treshold of Eternity is filled with inspiring stories of those with one foot stepping into eternity give us assurance, hope and a fresh expectation of what lies beyond this life. These fascinating stories offer reassurance and promise.

  • The Daily Life Bible

    An Exciting New Way to Read the Entire Bible!

    Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible introduces a new and easy way to read the entire Bible in just one year — while finding Jesus on every page. Day by day, your loved one can effortlessly and joyously read through the complete Bible from Genesis to Revelation, while also receiving a powerful reflection reading about Jesus that ties into the Scripture.

  • Tearoom for Two, Christmas Miracles and Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

    The Fabulous Gift of Fiction

    Tearoom Mysteries is an exciting new Guideposts series features two fun-loving cousins who can’t resist the lure of a good mystery! A new customer favorite with already over 40,000 copies sold!

    Christmas Miracles of Marble Cove is a gift that celebrates faith, family and friendship. Written by beloved Guideposts authors from the original Miracles of Marble Cove Series, this ALL NEW series is filled with Christmas joy! Escape to where four dear friends and neighbors come together to revive the town's beloved christmas tradition, obstacles and strange "coincidences" come into play, and there's no telling what might happen!

    Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries is an exclusive book series focusing on the strong bond between two women of vastly different backgrounds and traditions. Be charmed by this real-life community of Sugarcreek, Ohio and escape into the world of Amish fiction.

  • Daily Life Bible, My Favorite Senior Moments & It's Taken Years to Get This Old

    Editor's Picks

    The Daily Life Bible makes reading the Bible a joyous, enlightening experience! The Daily Life Bible offers a precise, faithful new translation from the original Hebrew and Greek is filled with all God’s treasure and wisdom—made easier to read and easier to understand to readers of today. It uses familiar, up-to-date, everyday words that speak with warmth and clarity.

    My Favorite Senior Moments and It’s Taken Years to Get This Old 2-book set uncovers the joys of the golden years! More than 300 stories that capture the golden moments and the golden years. Each book is filled will delightful true experiences that will nurture your loved one's spirit and tickle their ribs!

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