New Mystery Series Set in Charleston Hospital Overflows with Southern Charm

Summer Reading: Dive into Guideposts’ new fast-paced fiction series, written by best-selling authors. 

Posted in , May 17, 2021

Charleston, South Carolina, USA in the French Quarter at twilight (Getty Images)

Guideposts’ newest fiction series, Miracles and Mysteries of Mercy Hospital, will take you on an adventure. All you have to do is turn the page... 

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina! A city rich in history and sparkling with Southern charm. Here you can turn any corner and feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Houses the colors of a rainbow, cobblestone streets, secret courtyard gardens, majestic church steeples and spires, horse-drawn carriages... And one of Charleston’s cornerstones, Mercy Hospital. A building with its own intriguing history. 

The employees of Mercy Hospital are just as charming as their hometown. There’s Evelyn, a history buff who supervises the hospital’s records department; Joy, a quiet but observant gardener who manages the hospital giftshop; Anne, a pastor’s wife who volunteers at the hospital; and Shirley, a no-nonsense, good-hearted nurse who is devoted to her healing work.  

Though they are from different walks of life, these four women become fast friends as they work to solve the puzzling mysteries and witness the miracles happening at Mercy Hospital. Each book in the series is written by a popular Guideposts author from the point of view of a primary character who has her own stake in each mystery. 

The first book in the series, Where Mercy Begins, opens with a shocking whodunit. Since its founding in 1829, Mercy Hospital is rumored to be under the protection of a guardian angel. But when the beautiful stone angel statue disappears in the middle of the night, everyone is scrambling to find out who stole it. Enter our faithful foursome – Evelyn, Joy, Anne, and Shirley – who gather cryptic clues and stumble upon hidden passageways in hopes of restoring the beloved statue to its rightful home. The story follows Joy’s perspective as she struggles to find her sense of purpose in Charleston. It’s written by best-selling author Kathleen Y’Barbo, who also wrote for Guideposts’ Secrets of Wayfarers Inn and Mysteries of Lancaster County series.  

The second book, Prescription for Mystery, follows Anne who finds a wooden box of old photographs while digging through the archives in the records department. While going through them, she discovers a familiar face. Could it be an ancestor of someone who used to work in the hospital but left without a trace? As the mystery unfolds, Anne must also focus on raising her granddaughter while her daughter, Lili, is deployed as an army officer. This inspiring story was written by best-selling author Ruth Logan Herne, who also wrote for Guideposts’ Savannah Secrets and Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard series.  

More books are available—or in the works. Each story is a fast-paced adventure—filled with suspenseful clues, delightful humor, and loads of Southern charm! 


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