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Dive into one (or all) of these six series about mysteries, miracles and friendships.

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As I wrapped up the year 2020 and took stock of everything I did (and didn’t) do, I was shocked to realize I hardly did any reading. Me! A self-described “bookworm.” Despite all the social distancing and sheltering in place, I had a lot of difficulty finding a book that could hold my attention. I longed for the days when I could sit down and become completely immersed in a story.   

There are a lot of benefits to reading a good book. It can relax us, transport us to new worlds, make us happier, and even help us better understand ourselves. No wonder so many people, including myself, are committing to better reading habits in 2021. And the best way to begin? Start reading a page-turning book series. 

Here are six Guideposts book series that are sure to rekindle your love of reading. Whether you’re uncovering the secrets of a historic inn or being transported to biblical times, you won’t be able to put these books down. 

  1. Secrets of Wayfarers Inn  

“If these walls could talk . . .” Welcome to Marietta, Ohio, where the past is never far away and the present invites adventure and intrigue. Follow along as three life-long friends, LuAnn, Tessa, and Janice, purchase an inn built in 1851 and turn it into a café and bed and breakfast. As they work to remodel the neglected but elegant structure, the trio comes across hidden passages filled with secrets and surprises, setting them on a course to solving mysteries from both the past and the present.  

Dive into this series with first book, Family Secrets.  

  1. Ordinary Women of the Bible 

From generation to generation and every walk of life, God seeks out women to do His will. Scripture offers us but fleeting, tantalizing glimpses into the lives of a number of everyday women in Bible times—many of whom are not even named in its pages. In each volume of Guideposts’ Ordinary Women of the Bible series, you’ll meet one of these unsung, ordinary women face to face, and see how God used her to change the course of history. These groundbreaking stories are a thrilling way to experience God’s love and power.  

Begin your journey with A Mother’s Sacrifice, the story of Moses’ mother, Jochebed. 

  1. Mysteries of Lancaster County 

Welcome to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, a quaint village in the heart of Lancaster County’s Amish Country. It’s here, amid rolling green hills and well-tended farms, where the Classen sisters, Elizabeth, Martha, and Mary, reunite after inheriting their family home. Together, they operate Secondhand Blessings, a charming gift-and-thrift store, housed in the old homestead’s barn. Little do the sisters suspect as they stock their shelves with Amish handcrafted gift items, antiques, and yummy baked goods that they’re also filling their rustic store with a host of mysteries and surprises.  

Step into the beautiful world of Lancaster County with the first book, Another’s Treasure.  

  1. Miracles of Marble Cove 

Diane Spencer has just moved to beautiful Marble Cove, Maine, to start a new life and to finally write that novel she’s always dreamed about. She settles into her new home and soon meets her neighbors. There’s Shelley, a young mom trying to make ends meet, Margaret, a friendly artist, and Beverly, a reserved businesswoman who only comes to Marble Cove on weekends. But the four women discover that they have all survived a miraculous brush with death and have been given a second chance at life. Is this just a coincidence? Or has God brought them together for a reason?  

Meet Diane, Shelley, Margaret, and Beverly and the amazing moment that connects them in View From The Lighthouse.  

  1. Savannah Secrets 

Savannah Secrets contains everything you love in a cozy-mystery — a beautiful locale, suspenseful intrigue, and inspirational faith. It all takes place in the picture-perfect city of Savannah, known for its manicured parks, moss-covered oaks, and antebellum architecture. Follow two old friends, and partners in Magnolia Investigations, as they tackle some of the city’s most mysterious cases. As you read, you’ll almost feel the warm southern breezes wafting off the pages and hear the clip clap of horse-drawn carriages.  

Begin your adventure with the women of Magnolia Investigations with the first mystery in this series, The Hidden Gate.   

  1. Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard 

What does a Kansas farm girl know about hidden treasure and rising tides, maritime history and local mystery? Not much, but to save her lighthouse and family reputation, she better learn quickly! Come along and experience the unique challenges and fresh discoveries facing landlubber Priscilla Latham Grant, when she inherits a lighthouse and keeper’s cottage on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard. As she settles into her new home, she discovers a trio of long-lost cousins, and, together, they shed light on a storm of mysteries and secrets that seem to surface in Priscilla’s wake.  

Travel to Martha’s Vineyard from your couch with the series’ first book, A Light in the Darkness.  

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