What Is Intuition?

What is intuition? Who has it? How do you get more?

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My new book The Art of Intuition has just been published. I’m so excited. It’s really good! I laugh at myself saying this, but the fact is a writer knows when she has written something good and when it’s mediocre—and this one is fascinating!  

What is intuition? Who has it? How do you get more? Just the first question is enough to fill a book, but The Art of Intuition also offers five or six ways of “inviting intuition.” 

What is intuition? That’s the mystery. Is there a place in the brain where intuition resides? Do women have it more than men? Do we all have intuition, strange powers that transcend time and space?  

And how are they developed? In The Art of Intuition, I take up everything from the subtle nudges of intuition that say, “go here, not there,” (the touch of an angel’s wing) to the shattering bolt from the blue that delivers the mathematician the solution to his problem or the shadowy nighttime dream that provides the baffled scientist with the missing link to her work. 

This book covers everything from premonitions to animal communication, from the inspiration of the creative artist to controlled remote viewing in which you “know” what is happening miles away.

Finally we delve into the mysteries of those who see through a glass darkly into past and future worlds. But remember this: we are all intuitive. Everyone has these abilities. They are our nature, our inheritance, our connection to the spiritual worlds. The question is, do you trust your intuition? Do you guard it and treasure it? Do you know how to develop it? Do you recognize it when it comes?

A wise man once told me: “The more you act on your intuition, the more you will have.” Indeed it is my presumption that we all have intuition, that it is another designation of divinity.

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