7 Returning TV Shows To Tune Into This Summer

7 Returning TV Shows To Tune Into This Summer

We all love summer thanks to the nice weather and near constant sunshine but when it comes to TV, the season is sometimes lacking. We're here to bust the myth that nothing good can be found on television during those warmer months by showcasing the seven returning TV shows you should tune into this season. 

  • Roots History Channel Reboot

    Roots -- May 30th on History Channel

    We’re grouping this series in with favorite returning shows because, though it’s been almost 40 years since Roots first debuted on our television screens, we can’t wait to see it again. The 1977 mini-series was a powerful, intergenerational look at the impact of slavery in America and its remake hopes to add to that legacy by reaching a new generation with Kunta Kinte’s story. A stellar cast, incredible story lines and beautiful costuming have us thinking its well on its way. Read more of our Roots coverage before the show premieres this Memorial Day. 

    Roots premieres May 30th on History Channel. 

  • Rizzoli & Isles Season 7

    Rizzoli & Isles – June 6th on TNT

    The police procedural that follows the unlikely friendship between a medical examiner, Maura Isles (Alexander) and a police detective, Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) has been beloved by fans for six seasons which is why it’s so sad that the upcoming seventh season premiere on June 6th will be its last. Showrunners have promised satisfying endings for our main heroines and, hopefully, some answers to those burning questions we had after the Season 6 finale. Who was shot at Kiki and Korsak’s wedding? What happened to Jane’s stalker? We’ll have to wait until summer comes to find out. 

    Rizzoli & Isles premieres its final season on TNT June 6th. 

  • The Last Ship Season 3

    The Last Ship -- June 12th on TNT

    A cure has been found to the global pandemic our team has been fighting for two seasons and humanity seems to be recovering but not all is well with the crew of the Nathan James when TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama returns for another round. After rumors reach the president that China may be withholding the cure from its own citizens and possible new outbreak erupts in Japan, Commander Chandler (Eric Dane) must head to a global summit to investigate. 

    Season 3 of The Last Ship premieres June 12th on TNT. 

  • The Jim Gaffigan Show

    The Jim Gaffigan Show -- June 22nd on TV Land

     It’s completely appropriate that Season 2 of The Jim Gaffigan Show premieres close to Father’s Day. We know how much family and fatherhood mean to the stand-up comedian and his show is all about his own experience balancing career, fame and expectations at home. Of course, it wouldn’t be Gaffigan without some humor thrown in and this upcoming season promises even more of that. 

    Season 2 of The Jim Gaffigan Show premieres June 22nd on TV Land.

  • Zoo Season 2

    Zoo -- June 23rd on CBS

    The first season of this drama adapted from a James Patterson novel took a look at what would happen if the world’s animal population turned on humanity. (Not good things it turns out.) A team of scientists, journalists, investigators and animal experts banded together to try to stop a mutation causing animals to turn on humans and when we return for Season 2, our heroes are still fighting the good fight. With danger escalating as the animals begin their plan of making the planet uninhabitable, we’ll see if they can find a way for humans to survive.  

    Season 2 of Zoo premieres June 23rd on CBS. 

  • Mr. Robot Season 2

    Mr Robot – July 13th on USA

    This cyber drama brought home some serious hardware during this year’s award season with most of the praise going to series star Rami Malek. Malek plays Elliot Alderson, a young cyber-security engineer who becomes involved with a hacker group known as “fsociety” after being recruited by its leader (Christian Slater). Season 2 is promising even more thrills as the world recovers from the group’s hack and Alderson tries to regain the three days worth of memory he lost as a result

    Season 2 of Mr. Robot premieres July 13th on USA. 

  • Suits Season 6

    Suits -- July 13th on USA

    Expect to see a slightly different Suits when the USA drama premieres its sixth season this summer. Though we’ve loved following along has hot-shot city lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and brilliant college-dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)  fought battles in and out of the courtroom, this season, Mike’s heading behind bars. After agreeing to serve two years for practicing law without a license, Harvey, Mike’s fiancée Rachel and the team at Pearson Specter are left trying to pick up the pieces. 

    Season 6 of Suits premieres July 13th on USA. 


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