A First Look At 'The Cowboy Way'

In The Cowboy Way, INSP's new original series, these wranglers live by true American values of life: faith, family, and hard work. Get a sneak peek at the new show, premiering August 10. 

"One of God's greatest creations is a horse, and putting a man on the back of a horse--nothing gets better than that.

Bubba Thompson: A cowboy is someone who takes pride in what he does, someone who lives off the land.

Cody Harris: A true cowboy, they rise with the sun. They put God and family before themselves.


"Hey there, Ma."

"Oh, it's good to see you, son."


Booger Brown: Definitely there's a lot of hard work involved.

"Nothing ever goes easy around here."

"We're going to eat dinner here in a little bit, and you're trying eat dirt."


"If there's no cowboys, there's sure enough not going to be enough beef to eat. The cattle can't take care of themselves. A lot of people like to eat steak and hamburgers; we're the guys that help provide that for you."


"I feed 'em, you eat 'em."

"That's the biggest steak I think I've ever seen."

"Inch and a half thick."

"Going to have to say a blessing twice for that one."


"The cowboy life holds so many traditional values; it's not the normal world out there today."


"Lately it's just gotten to the point where every time I get on her, she's throwing me off."

"Give me a couple of days to see what she's got going on. I'm sure we can do something."

"You're my last hope."


"I know what I can do!"

"Aw, heck, here we go. Here we go..."

"The cowboy way of life isn't something you do, it's who you are as a person. And it's been embedded in our American tradition for a long time. And it's important that somebody keeps it going."

"All right, boys, this is it!"


Her: "I don't like that color."

Him: "Of course you don't; I like that price, though."

Her: "Of course you do. It's gotta be perfect; this is our first baby."

Him: "Baby, it's not going to be perfect unless I build it."


"This is my favorite part, right here."

"Are you ready to be a cowboy?"

"Yeah. Yes sir."

"That's what I wanted to hear from you. Yee-haw!"




Her: "You know how to put that on, right?"

Him: "Just open 'er up like that, pick those two feet in the air, slide it under there, and boom!"

Her: "We're going to diaper class."

Him: "A cowboy does not go to diaper class." 

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