A Love Story for the Ages

Watch the inspiring story of two adults with Down syndrome who fell in love and got married.

Posted in , Oct 13, 2010

A Love Story for the Ages

Are you in the mood for a good love story? If so, tune into HBO on October 14 at 8 pm EST to see Monica & David.

It's a documentary about two adults with Down syndrome who decide to marry and aim to live as independently as possible. The film took home the top prize for documentaries at the Tribeca Film Festival. And it won me over too, easily becoming one of the most inspiring and real love stories I've ever seen.

Monica's cousin, Alexandra Codina, directed and produced the film. She followed Monica and David around with a camera during pivotal moments in their first year of marriage, and caught some very candid and very sweet moments. Also captured were their challenges, highlighting the realities many adults with intellectual disabilities face—both because of their disabilities, and by society.

Watch the video below to see our interview with Monica, David and Alexandra, when we caught up with them at the Tribeca Film Festival this year:


Monica & David will air more than once on HBO 1 and HBO 2. See the film's website for dates and times.

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