Gary Sinise's Most Memorable Roles

Gary Sinise's Most Memorable Roles

In the March issue of Guideposts magazine, cover star Gary Sinise shared with us why helping veterans means so much to him. While his charitable work is inspiring, it's his long, storied career in Hollywood that many of us know best. From a criminal investigator to a disabled Vietnam soldier and an astronaut headed for the moon, here are some of the actor's most memorable roles on stage and screen. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

    Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

    Ok, we might be jumping the gun a bit since technically Sinise's latest show, the much-anticpated Criminal Minds spin-off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, just premiered this month, but we're probably safe in saying his role as International Response Unit Chief Jack Garrett, whose team is responsible for locating missing Americans abroad and bringing them safely home, is going to be one of his best yet. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise (right) with John Malkovich in the Broadway production of True West

    True West

    One of the actor's earliest roles saw him sharing the stage with John Malkovich as two brothers embroiled in a sibling rivalry in the Broadway production True West. Sinise pulled double-duty directing and starring in the play. A television movie of the show, featuring Sinise and Malkovich, aired on the PBS series American Playhouse in January 1984.

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise as Ken Mattingly in Apollo 13

    Apollo 13

    In Ron Howard's docucrama about the failed 1970 lunar mission Apollo 13, Sinise took on the dramatic role of astronaut Ken Mattingly, the man partly responsible for bringing Apollo 13's crew back to Earth. It's said that Howard offered Sinise any role he wanted in the film and Sinise chose Mattingly. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise as Macy Taylor in CSI: New York

    CSI: NY

    We can't talk about Sinise's greatest roles without mentioning CSI: NY. The police procedural that became CBS' bread and butter format for ratings was one of the best installments in the crime series, thanks in large part to Sinise, who played the dedicated Detective Mac Taylor. If you ever wondered about his character's name, Sinise told us in our cover story it was inspired by his wife's brother who served in Vietnam. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump

    One of Sinise's best-loved roles is as Tom Hanks' tough-as-nails platoon commander Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump. After losing both of his legs and being rescued against his will by Gump, the two characters end up forming a strong friendship, central to the film. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise and Nicholas Cage in Snake Eyes.

    Snake Eyes

    One of the best team-ups in cinematic history might just be Gary Sinise and Nicholas Cage in Snake Eyes. The two serve as best friends caught up in a conspiracy in the crime thriller and the movie's twist ending proved Sinise has some serious acting chops. 

  • Guideposts: Gary Sinise as Tom Joad in Grapes of Wrath

    The Grapes of Wrath

    Sinise took to the stage in the early 90s with the Broadway rendition of the classic Steinbeck tale The Grapes of Wrath. The actor was tasked with bringing the story's flawed protagonist Tom Joad to life. The show would go on to win a Tony Award for Best Play. 

  • Gary Sinise, March 2016

    Gary Sinise on Guideposts' March 2016 cover

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