Tim McGraw on His New Film, 'The Shack'

Actor and country music star Tim McGraw discusses how he was inspired to accept the role of Willie in the new film based on William P. Young's bestselling novel.

Tim McGraw: Faith had the book on her nightstand and was going to read the book. And we knew what the book was about and had a lot of friends tell us about the book. And shortly after she had put the book on the night stand to start reading it, I got the call and got the script.

Of course, I read it and was just...I was just a complete emotional wreck after reading the script. But what it said to me, in a lot of ways, certainly the friendship of Willie and Mack, and what Willie meant to Mack, and what Mack meant to Willie, and the love that they had for each other, and being there in the middle of the worst crisis that you can think of in life. To see the journey that Mack went on in losing his faith and rediscovering his faith. And how Willie helped him along that journey, how his wife helped him along that journey, we all go through that journey in our lives.

There's no way to draw an equivalence to what happened to this family. It's tough to draw that, to put yourself in those shoes. But we can all find parts of our life, and draw parallels in our life, where we've lost our way, we've been off course, and we've been off track. We've been full of despair and full of doubt and hopeless. And to change your perspective and see hope and see forgiveness and see love, and to be able to move forward in that direction is something that is tough to find sometimes. And I think that this film lays it out beautifully.

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Actor and country music star Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw on His New Film, 'The Shack'

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