Gloria Gaynor Opens Up About Faith, ‘Testimony’ and Her Grammy Win

The disco icon is “back on top” with the release of her new gospel album.

Posted in , Feb 24, 2020

Gloria Gaynor on her new album 'Testimony'

Gloria Gaynor is back. The musical legend is enjoying her latest win, a Grammy for Best Roots Gospel album, nearly 40 years after she won her last for “I Will Survive.”

“I was right on time even though I thought I was running out of time and running late,” Gaynor said of the album, Testimony. “I think it was right on time.”

It was the Gospel album that almost never came to be, the star said, adding that her ex-husband, who was her manager, discouraged her from releasing a Gospel album because he did not think it would be financially successful.

After the success of the 1978 hit single, “I Will Survive,” the disco star went on to release numerous albums, starred on Broadway and appeared on television shows like Ally McBeal.

Gaynor said that after going through some hurdles, including a spine surgery that threatened her career, she decided to fulfill her dream and release a Gospel album in 2019.

“The songs [came] together to form my testimony of the goodness of mercy and grace and availability of God,” Gaynor told “All of the songs come out of my experience with the Lord, and so they are my testimony.”

Gaynor described “Back On Top,” one of the singles from the album, as the natural successor to “I Will Survive.”

“I've always believed that Christian music should do what the Bible does and that is to teach and…share the knowledge of God,” Gaynor said. “I wanted to do that through my music since that is my biggest platform and so close to my heart.”

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