K-LOVE Fan Awards: 7 Most Memorable Moments

K-LOVE Fan Awards: 7 Most Memorable Moments

Guideposts.org was live on the scene at the  2015 K-LOVE Fan Awards down in Nashville, Tennessee on May 31. We've got the inside scoop from the red carpet and backstage. From friendly trash-talking between nominees to crazy fan encounters and more, find out the stories you didn't see on TV. 

  • Jeremy Camp performs his single "He Knows" at the K LOVE Fan Awards

    Jeremy Camp's Guilty Pleasure

    After he finished performing his hit single "He Knows" off of his new album I Will Follow, Jeremy Camp paid us a visit backstage where he talked about his guiltiest pleasure, the ABC reality show Shark Tank, and the invention that could've made him a multi-millionaire. (Hint: It involves baby strollers.)

  • Christian singer Plum answers questions backstage at the K LOVE Fan Awards

    Plum's Favorite Hobby

    Before she blew us away with her high-flying performance at the show, Christian artist Plum shared the inspiration behind her one-of-a-kind red carpet look and revealed her favorite hobby: pressure-washing. (Yes, you read that right.)

  • TobyMac performs at the K-LOVE Fan Awards

    TobyMac Gets The Munchies

    We already knew how cool TobyMac was, but backstage at the K-LOVE Fan Awards we got the chance to see just how "like us" he really is. The artist stopped by our booth backstage to talk about his family, his new album and to snag a peanut butter Clif Bar -- they're his favorite by the way -- from our team. Hey, when TobyMac asks you for a Clif Bar, you give him a Clif Bar. 

  • Lauren Daigle wins Worship Song of the Year at the KLOVE Fan Awards

    Lauren Daigle's Green Thumb

    Lauren Daigle is one of the nicest people you''ll ever meet which is why we couldn't be happier for her and her Worship Song of the Year win at this year's K-LOVE Fan Awards, but before everybody was talking about her amazing performance during the show, she was turning heads on the red carpet thanks to a creative (and completely unique) accessory. Forget flower crowns, the artist sported a succulent crown made for her by a friend and told Guideposts.org that she plans on planting it after the show. 

  • Ben McDonald and David Frey pose together at the KLOVE Fan Awards

    Sidewalk Prophets Pranking Fail

    Sidewalk Prophets premiered a brand new single at this year's K-LOVE Fan Awards but all talk on the red carpet centered on the kind of pranks the boys like to play on the road. The group's most memorable one ended with member David Frey stranded at a gas station in his pajamas. 

  • Francesca Battistelli performs at the K-LOVE Fan Awards

    Francesca Battistelli Wins Big

    Francesca Battistelli took home one of the most coveted awards of the night, Female Artist of the Year, at this year's K-LOVE Fan Awards. After her win, the artist told Guideposts.org the real-life inspiration behind her critically acclaimed third album If We're Honest and what it means to have the friendship and support of her fellow nominees. 

  • Kari Jobe performs at the K-LOVE Fan Awards

    Kari Jobe's Biggest Freak Out

    Kari Jobe was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at this year's K-Love Fan Awards but before the show kicked off, the singer shared with Guideposts.org what it's like to hear her music on the radio. Does she still freak out when she hears her songs playing in the car? Short answer: yes. 


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