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This relaxation music playlist brought peace to her home.

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Mornings are my most hectic time. I have two elementary school-age children and both of their buses come at 7:30 a.m.

Before that there’s breakfast, packing lunches, help untying yesterday’s double knotted sneakers, feeding the cats, giving the chicken water and corn, making sure one child has their recorder and the other has her spelling binder…you know what I mean.

Today, Lisbet wanted beef burritos for lunch and so I got up a bit earlier than the rest of my family to get the ingredients for those ready. While the meat was cooking, I put one the CDs of The Ultimate Relaxation Music Collection into my laptop and began to listen. This is a 4-CD instrumental music collection GUIDEPOSTS is releasing in February 2010. One of my jobs, as the music editor for GuidepostsBooks and Inspirational Media, is to make sure the song selection is just right.

“Near to the Heart of God”… “Abide with Me”… “Shenandoah”… Pachebel’s “Canon”… My morning rush slowed as I remembered my mother playing some of these songs on the piano when I was young.

Eight-year-old Kalle came down in her nightgown and immediately started humming along to “Morning Has Broken.” “I know this song from church,” she said happily playing with the volume control.

“Ah, my people’s song,” said my husband Dave, listening to next song, “Be Still, My Soul,” with the wonderful, stirring melody by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Lisbet, my violin-playing daughter, brushed her hair quietly to a Vivaldi violin concerto, blew a kiss and went out the door.

There was peace in the kitchen this morning, a restful calm that has stayed with me all day.

Lenore Person


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