My 8 Favorite Podcasts for Innovative Faith

Guideposts Book Editor David Morris takes advantage of his commute to catch up on what’s happening with faith and religion in America—and you can too.

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I have a long commute to work, and one of the ways I adapt is by keeping quite a number of free, downloadable, subscription podcasts on my iPod Nano. I don't actually have time to listen to them all, so I skip around a lot to see what's interesting.

I listen to podcasts about music, books, pop culture, technology and more, but the ones I enjoy the most are about faith and religion in America. Often the interview is of an author of a new book, but in general what's most interesting is how well the interview taps into trends and offers new insights. It opens up new worlds for me, just while sitting on the train or driving a car.

So here's a little roundup of my favorite podcasts on the life and world of faith that are fun, interesting, and innovative in no particular order of preference. You'll see a bias and preference here, but generally I like different kinds, and don't always let right politics, right theology, right coolness, or right church stop me from getting to the fresh content with a big heart.

The links go to the podcast's web site, or to the personality's web site. If you don't see an iTunes subscription link, go into the iTunes podcasts store and do a search.

1. Doug Pagitt Radio
Based out of Minneapolis, Doug's a pastor and author who also has a real radio show. Not to be missed is the segment he does with his wife, Shelley, who brings in health and nutrition advice.

2. Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
A solid journalistic roundup of the most newsworthy stories going on in America and abroad. Might sound a little drab, but you'd be surprised by what turns up.

3. Steve Brown, Etc.
The coolest old white guy with nicotine-stained hands (his own words) you'll ever listen to. He's a conservative with a tender heart, passion, humor. Especially cool are the frequent appearances from his favorite "lib," Tony Campolo.

4. On Being
Krista Tippett's show on American Public Radio about religion, spirituality, and meaning. The show casts a big net, bringing in different religious folks and people from the fields of education, science, and more.

5. Nick and Josh Podcast
Nick Fielder and Joshua Case mix it up with authors, speakers, bloggers, artists and come from within the emergent church universe, like Doug Pagitt. But I wouldn't make the mistake of boxing them in.

6. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
This megachurch pastor at North Point Community Church near Atlanta offers a practical, faith-oriented guruship on all things about leadership and personal accountability. Just a great teacher.

7. St. Augustine's Chapel at Vanderbilt University
An Episcopal Church led by Becca Stevens, who has such a clarity of mission, compassion, and acceptance that you just want it to rub off on you. And the music by the Nashville Ramblers spans a spectrum that you might not normally hear in church. This is the only church service podcast here, but it's so unique and genuine, I had to include it.

8. Catalyst
This huge church leadership conference has their own podcast that has a lot energy, and really impressed me when they interviewed Tony Hsieh from Zappos.

This post was adapted from David's Soul Souvenirs blog.

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