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A mysterious little girl holding a balloon flower.

A Mysterious Sign from God Helped Her Deal with Addiction

She thought her addiction was hopeless until she received a token from a young girl.

Beating the summer heat

5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

When temps flare, your mood can too. Try these simple ways to keep your cool, both literally and figuratively.

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Making Amends: Grant and his Dad.

An Addict Reconciles with His Father

After the childhood he had, he vowed never to talk to his father again and he almost didn’t.

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A woman sitting alone on a bench at a park on a crisp Autumn day.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Serious Long-term Health Risks

Studies show that loneliness has very real physical consequences.

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A grandfather drawing with his grandchild using colored pencils.

6 Fun Ideas to Bring Children and Older Adults Together

These suggestions will help you grow closer to your grandchildren and decrease loneliness.

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Side view of sad senior man sitting on bed by window in bedroom at home

Preventing Loneliness As You Age

This helpful infographic illustrates how you or a loved one can combat loneliness.

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A man sitting on a bench under a tree as the sun rises.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Can Technology Help?

This highly interactive, easy-to-use app helps seniors connect with friends.

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A lonely senior sitting on a bench gazing out to the sea on the beach.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Faith, Family and Community

Follow these practical tips to prevent loneliness.

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Cookbook Chronicles: Curtis Stone

Cookbook Chronicles: Curtis Stone

This charming Australian chef gets up close and personal about cooking, food and life.

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Roberta Messner

5 Things I Wish People Knew About Opioid Dependency

Roberta Messner had been using prescription opioids to manage her pain for years. Here's what she learned from opioid withdrawal.

Erin and her husband, Heath. “He said my decision saved his life.”

Could She Make the Hard Choice to Leave Her Meth-Addicted Husband?

Al-Anon helped her to recognize that she was enabling her husband's destructive behavior, but did she have the resolve to leave him—even for his own good?

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A concerned father discusses her addiction with his daughter

Are You Helping or Enabling Addiction? How to Tell the Difference

A supervisor with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation explains the concept of enabling someone with a substance use disorder and why you may be hindering your loved one's recovery, not helping.

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Kerry learned that you don’t have to be a jock to take care of yourself.

A Woman Learns That Running Through Grief Can Be a Spiritual Experience

With her mother recently deceased and her dear friend dealing with cancer, would running bring her the spiritual comfort she sought?

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Jerry and Hope found new romance in their eighties

Two Seniors Learn It's Never Too Late to Find Love Again

Having lost their spouses of 50+ years, neither Jerry nor Hope were looking to marry again—but  romance found them, anyway.

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