Health and Wellness

Small steps can improve health and wellness. Exercising more and eating healthier can help us live longer and better lives. For those coping with illness, embracing healing with a positive attitude and a healthful mindset can make a real difference. Taking a day by day approach can help those recovering from addiction and those who face other health challenges.

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan

Overcoming Addiction

In today’s opioid crisis and beyond, a voice of hope that calls to every addict and the people who love them

Managing depression

Rediscovering Faith and Fighting Depression

The path to battling an inner turmoil with grace and compassion

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A man recording what foods he eats in his diet plan while eating a healthy lunch

9 Practical Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Resolution Last

Are you feeling discouraged about your efforts to lose weight? Get practical advice from Roberta Messner, who lost almost 100 pounds, and has kept it off for years

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An array of New Year's resolutions with festive decorations.

8 Simple Habits To Make You More Productive in the New Year

No matter what your resolutions are, use these simple techniques to meet your goals

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Living Longer Blue Zones Japan

Can Earth's Blue Zones Teach Us The Secret to Living Longer?

Author Dan Buettner shares secrets he's learned about longevity from the world's Blue Zones -- places where people are living longest. 

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Dave hopes his story inspires other addicts to recovery.

Addicted to Opioids, This Pastor Found Honesty Was the Path to Recovery

After years of lying to himself and others about his opioid abuse, he learned that telling the truth about his addiction was the first step toward reclaiming his life.

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Today Sherry is teaching adults to swim.

How a Driven Surgeon Found a New Passion

An active, athletic doctor thought her life was over when heart trouble forced her to give up her practice—but an inspiring new chapter was about to begin.

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4 Ways to Add Satisfying Texture to Winter Soups

4 Ways to Add Satisfying Texture to Winter Soups

Soup is a perfect winter meal. Adding something you can sink your teeth into brings it to the next nourishing level.

A mature woman lifts weights while her younger trainer looks on

5 Easy Ways To Be Active at Any Age

You don't have to run a marathon to stay active and healthy; small steps can do the trick. Here are five ways rethink your approach to exercise.

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For Ron, each blank canvas is a chance to see and to show.

The Soul of an Artist: A Teacher Inspires a Lawyer to Pursue His Passion

Though he'd always loved to draw and paint, he had turned his focus to his legal career—until he realized his life could use some color.

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Simmering spices on stove

3 Stovetop Simmers to Fill Your Home with Warmth

A softly bubbling pot of richly scented herbs and spices soothes your senses and revitalizes your spirit.

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Make 2018 Your Most Positive Year Yet

Make 2018 Your Most Positive Year Yet

These 4 strategies can set you on a positive path for the new year.

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