3 Healthy Flavored Waters for Happy Hydration

Water keeps us thriving in summertime—why not infuse yours with fresh, healthful flavor?

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Healthy, flavored water for summer

We’ve all heard the hydration recommendation—eight glasses of water a day, eight ounces per glass. In summertime, staying hydrated is even more important as we lose more fluid through our sweat. 

If we have to drink that much water, why not make it a delicious, positive experience that leaves us looking forward to the next refreshing sip? Try one of these three waters that are packed with vitamin-rich flavor, but none of the refined sugars and calories that come along with many commercial beverages. Best of all? They’re inexpensive and easy to make. Happy quenching!

1.  The Classic: Lemon Cucumber
For this spa day classic, slice a lemon and a cucumber into thin rounds and place in a pitcher filled with ice and water. Let it sit for a few minutes so the flavors can permeate the water. Pour and enjoy! To kick up the flavor even further, add slices of cucumber or lemon to your ice cube tray, so your water will infuse as your ice melts.

2.  The Herbal: Basil
It’s not just for tomato and mozzarella salads anymore—basil is a fragrant, bracing herb that wakes up water like no other. Tear a few leaves into a glass of ice water and start sipping. Or combine it with some chilled sliced strawberries or limes for a fruitier concoction. Want to take it even further? Combine your basil with another strong herb like mint for a new flavor profile. 

3.  The Savory: Fennel
Who says flavored waters have to be sweet? Give yours a slightly savory twist by cutting a fennel bulb into quarters, removing the tough core and slicing into thin wedges. Place a couple of wedges in a glass of iced water and either double down on the savory flavor with a sprig of fresh dill or earthy thyme, or sweeten it up with some thinly sliced oranges or bracing mint.

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