A True Holiday Feast

Worried about tempting holiday treats? Here are some suggestions to help you through the tastiest time of year.

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The winter holiday season is officially upon us, and I, along with half the human population, am tempted daily with treats brought to work, arriving in the mail, laid out at parties and social gatherings, not to mention the additional lunches and dinners with friends and coworkers. 'Tis the season to be stuffed!

I found, however, another wonderful blog post about healthy holiday eating from Therese Borchard, who writes Beyond Blue on Beliefnet.

This particular blog post was taken from the book with the wonderful title of Eat Your Way to Happiness by Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.

In it, she offers ways to avoid binging by focusing on connecting to others this season. She also recommends:

1. Planning ahead exactly what you will and will not eat.

2. Not skipping meals. That tactic will only make you ravenous when you arrive at holiday events.

3. Eating only when you’re hungry. This is the most difficult given all the wonderful nostalgia foods and just plain delicious temptations that surround us this time of year.

4. Tuning into your emotions at family affairs, so that you don’t use food to stuff down your feelings.

5. Lastly, reconnoiter the buffet table before diving in. See what is available, weigh your options and choose wisely.

Read the entire article on the Beyond Blue blog. Remember: the holidays bring beauty, joy, family and friendship to the fore. Feast on that!

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