Addiction and Recovery

Recovery from addiction is a major undertaking and a gift you give yourself, your family, and your community. While recovery can be a long and arduous process, it is so gratifying when you can confidently say your addiction is well-managed and no longer in control of your life. Share addiction stories to inspire others to take their first steps toward recovery.
A troubled student at the back of the classroom.

How a Teacher Saved Her Student from Addiction

At the back of her classroom, she saw the struggles that her pupil was facing. But what could she do?

Gerry Sowards recounts his journey to sobriety

One Man's Journey to Sobriety

Gerry Sowards' substance-abuse issues had brought him to the end of his rope, so far down he that he was planning his suicide. But with newfound faith, a stint in rehab and the help of friends, he's been sober for three years, and he assures us that anyone in his position can do the same.

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Hope for recovery from addiction

Recovery Is Possible Through Hope

When it feels as if addiction may win the fight, we must stay strong in our faith.

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Christy Johnson

How a Vision Helped Her Forgive Her Opioid-Addicted Ex

His addiction led to the death of their child. The anger and grief consumed her—until she got a clear message from God

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A slice of strawberry cheesecake on a wooden platter.

A Slice of Cheesecake Gave Her Hope

A cheesecake wrapper resembling an angel gave her the strength she needed for her daughter's addiction.

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A little girl looking up into the sunlight on a warm, Autumn day.

Her Path to Sobriety Started with One Look

She saw herself in the eyes of a little girl.

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How a Police Veteran's Faith Helped a Victim He Knew

How a Police Veteran's Faith Helped a Victim He Knew

This vice officer wasn’t going to give up until he found the girl he used to babysit 

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Susan Salomone and husband, Steve

Addiction Claimed Her Son's Life, But Not His Story

Susan Salomone uses what happened to her son to help end the stigma associated with addiction

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Mother and daughter hugging

Keeping Kids Clean: Advice for Parents

An expert from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers tips on how parents can help keep their children happy, healthy—and safe.

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A angel cherub figurine with small, violet flowers.

An Angel Helped Her Through Alcoholism

Her alcohol addiction was out of control until she found hope from a special angel on the mantelpiece.

Martin Kihn's Path to Personal Growth

Martin Kihn's Path to Personal Growth

One man, his dog, and their road to recovery. 

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A black and white portrait of a senior veteran in a park.

A Chance Encounter Kept Him Sober

For 30 years he had tried to drink away his memories of Vietnam. But there was only one thing he didn’t want to forget.

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Working at Starbucks taught Vin about a life of service.

Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker’s Journey to Sobriety

How a job at Starbucks became a stepping stone toward his recovery from alcohol addiction.

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A father looking at his teenage daughter dearly.

This Father Found Hope and Help for His Daughter Battling Addiction

He realized that she was in God's hands and that there was one thing he could do: love his daughter.

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