Seven Steps Toward Making a Bad Habit Go Up in Smoke

The Great American Smokeout is held in November, but here are tips for quitting now.

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A smoker inspired to kick the habit breaks a cigarette in half.

Do you know someone who’s trying to give up cigarettes, or are you perhaps looking to kick the habit? Here are some time-tested, medication-free tips you might pass along (or consider using yourself).

1. Clean House
Throw away ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and all smoking-related paraphernalia.

2. Buddy up with someone else
Find a friend or colleague who wants to be a former smoker, too. Two are stronger than one.

3. Join a prayer or support group
There are many organizations that provide support for people trying to quit. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

4. Pick up a drink of water
Sometimes it’s a matter of substituting something healthy when you're craving a cigarette. Enjoy a refreshing glass of water when the urge strikes and breathe deeply between sips.

5. Change your routine
See to it that not smoking isn’t the only thing different about your life. Take another route to work, drink tea instead of coffee or try a new exercise.

6. Watch out for challenging situations
Drinking alcohol and being around smokers will reduce your changes of success. Surround yourself with positive influences.

7. Reward yourself!
Use the money you would’ve spent on cigarettes and treat yourself to something nice.


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