Addiction and Recovery

Bill skiing on the slopes.

How the 12-Step Program Gave Him Strength in an Avalanche

He’d survived Vietnam, then years of drug and alcohol addiction before getting sober. But could he survive this?

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Wanda and Don Hockenberry

She Asked God for Help with Her Husband's Addiction

He was a devoted father and a good husband, but she couldn’t keep his addiction secret any longer.

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A lone feather in the sky.

The Winged Companion That Guarded Her Life

A peculiar incident gave her hope during her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.

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In AA, Gerry found there were people who actually wanted to help him.

How He Found the Strength to Get Help for His Addiction

He was ready to give up, but a letter from his grandmother and a friend's invitation helped him start over again.

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A young man is comforted in a group counseling session

How to Manage Your Recovery

A treatment professional explains why managing addiction is a life-long skill.

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A troubled student at the back of the classroom.

How a Teacher Saved Her Student from Addiction

At the back of her classroom, she saw the struggles that her pupil was facing. But what could she do?

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A angel cherub figurine with small, violet flowers.

An Angel Helped Her Through Alcoholism

Her alcohol addiction was out of control until she found hope from a special angel on the mantelpiece.

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Gerry Sowards recounts his journey to sobriety

One Man's Journey to Sobriety

Gerry Sowards' substance-abuse issues had brought him to the end of his rope, so far down he that he was planning his suicide. But with newfound faith, a stint in rehab and the help of friends, he's been sober for three years, and he assures us that anyone in his position can do the same.

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Hope for recovery from addiction

Recovery Is Possible Through Hope

When it feels as if addiction may win the fight, we must stay strong in our faith.

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Christy Johnson

How a Vision Helped Her Forgive Her Opioid-Addicted Ex

His addiction led to the death of their child. The anger and grief consumed her—until she got a clear message from God

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A slice of strawberry cheesecake on a wooden platter.

A Slice of Cheesecake Gave Her Hope

A cheesecake wrapper resembling an angel gave her the strength she needed for her daughter's addiction.

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A little girl looking up into the sunlight on a warm, Autumn day.

Her Path to Sobriety Started with One Look

She saw herself in the eyes of a little girl.

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