Addiction and Recovery

A wintery background with a flurry of snowflakes.

Her Teenage Daughter Needed Love and Forgiveness

By having faith in herself and in God, she started to have the relationship she always wanted with her daughter who faced addiction.

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A close up on a car race track as brilliant sunlight pours through.

How an Addict Started the Great American Race

In towns and cities across North America, communities turn out to cheer this annual event.

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Former MMA fighter Jacob Leckich

How Surrender Helped an MMA Fighter Conquer Addiction

Former MMA fighter Jacob Leckich explains how his fighting career led to him becoming addicted to pain medications and how he came to realize that only a true surrender to faith would allow him to conquer his addiction.

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A young man struggles during a recovery support group session

Surrender: The Key to Recovery

Giving up the fight against addiction might be the best approach.

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Former MMA fighter Jacob Leckich

How This MMA Fighter Recovered from Addiction

His hard-partying life had brought him to the end of his rope, but could God love, accept and forgive someone like him?

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A father walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

An Addict Embraces God's Forgiveness

He realized the life he left behind included family, acceptance and most importantly—love.

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A soldier in fatigues plays a guitar

Sharing the Gift of Music with Soldiers Overseas

Steve Baker sorely missed playing his guitar while serving in Vietnam, so he jumped at the chance to send instruments to the troops in Iraq.

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The Bible Darrell is holding was given to him by his aunt over 50 years ago

An Unlikely Visitor Helped This Veteran Embrace God's Love

After serving two years in Vietnam, he found himself sinking into the drunken despair that had claimed his parents. A pastor from his past put him back on track

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Bill skiing on the slopes.

How the 12-Step Program Gave Him Strength in an Avalanche

He’d survived Vietnam, then years of drug and alcohol addiction before getting sober. But could he survive this?

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Wanda and Don Hockenberry

She Asked God for Help with Her Husband's Addiction

He was a devoted father and a good husband, but she couldn’t keep his addiction secret any longer.

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A lone feather in the sky.

The Winged Companion That Guarded Her Life

A peculiar incident gave her hope during her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.

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In AA, Gerry found there were people who actually wanted to help him.

How He Found the Strength to Get Help for His Addiction

He was ready to give up, but a letter from his grandmother and a friend's invitation helped him start over again.

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