Embracing Faith

How we become better people–even in sickness–through our faith

Posted in , Apr 21, 2016

How our faith makes us better people.

When facing challenges, people tend to lose their faith–or embrace it. Why is this? As a pastor, I have seen this play out over and over. When times get rough, it is hard to stay hopeful, and we may ask ourselves, “What did I do wrong?” or “Why would God allow this to happen?”

From years of working in ministry, I have come to realize that people who remain faithful give witness to how their faith got them through their troubles.

This doesn’t mean that they never question God, doubt or struggle with their faith. It means that in spite of their worries and fears, they kept their faith.

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A few years back, a colleague’s mother was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was given six months to live. Instead of giving up, her mother embraced her faith and faced the facts with hope. She then overcame it.

Ten years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and overcame that as well. It has been 30 years since she was first diagnosed with cancer, and she lives every day with faith and hope at the age of 95.

We must remember that faith is not a magic wand; we cannot wave it and make everything better instantaneously. But we do become better people through our faith.

Faith gives us the courage to bear difficult times, make hard decisions, accept the unexpected and endure. Faith connects us to a source of strength when our own power is depleted.

Why is your faith important to you? Please share with us.

Lord, let help me keep believing, praying and trusting You in faith.

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