Living with Cancer: Lean on Me

As she battled cancer, she relied on her best friend, and Patti always came through.

- Posted on Nov 23, 2014

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Surgery for ovarian cancer was tough, but several people helped me through it: my husband, Allen, my three adult children, and my best friend, Patti.

Patti visited me in the hospital and prayed for me every day. She even brought me a pair of bright plaid pajamas to lift my spirits. She was always there for me.

Finally, after a week, I was released from the hospital. Allen helped me into the car and we headed for home. We made a quick stop at the mall to pick up my pain medication.

“Back in a flash,” Allen said and hurried into the pharmacy. It must have been busy. The minutes ticked by. I had to use the restroom—badly.

There was one tucked just inside the mall entrance, I knew. But I was so sore and weak from my surgery that the short distance to the entrance might as well have been miles.

Even if I made it inside, there was a pair of heavy fire doors outside the restroom corridor. I could never push them open by myself, and it would be so embarrassing to ask a stranger.

I had to do something, though, so I prayed a prayer I couldn’t have imagined I’d ever pray: Jesus, you have got to help me get to a bathroom!

I pulled myself out of the car and shuffled across the parking lot. I still had no idea what I’d do about those heavy double doors. I might have to find a stranger to help me after all.

I entered the mall and stopped short. There, chatting on a bench right inside the entrance was...


It was almost as if she were waiting for me. But the look on her face told me that Patti was just as surprised to see me as I was her. The mall was miles away from both our homes.

“Patti, quick, open the doors!” I gasped.

Patti jumped right up, took my arm, pushed open the doors and led me to my destination. My urgent prayer had been answered.

Didn’t I say my best friend was always there for me?

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