Coping With Illness

7 ways to feel compassion for others in pain

7 Things to Know About Arthritis

Arthritis Awareness Month offers many opportunities for compassion toward sufferers and their families.

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How our faith makes us better people.

Embracing Faith

How we become better people–even in sickness–through our faith

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How to Heal When God Doesn't Fix It

Keeping the Faith During Long-Term Struggles

GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter and best-selling author Laura Story shares an excerpt of her book, When God Doesn't Fix It.

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Guideposts: A beach scene with 2016 written in the sand.

A Resolution: Finding Meaning in Suffering

Working at Mysterious Ways, Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman finds inspiration for a New Year’s Resolution.

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Praying for others when you're sick will help you heal.

Pair Your Prayers for Healing

How to pray for your illness without dwelling on it.

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Do you need to hear from God?

Do You Need to Hear from God?

He has the exact words at the exact time you need to hear them.

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Guideposts blogger Rick Hamlin shares 3 lessons from a recent health crisis.

3 Lessons from a Health Crisis

If there’s anything on this side of illness to be grateful for, it is the purifying effects it has on the soul.

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Guideposts: A young woman lovingly embraces her grandmother.

Preserving Memories for Your Loved One with Dementia

Many of us are unsure about how best to interact with friends and loved ones who have Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, but it can be easy as asking them about their lives.

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a woman blows confetti and celebrates through illness

Celebrating Through My Illness

Rejoicing even when the battle's not yet won? That’s my kind of celebration.  

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Jamie Grace Harper has used the fact that she has Tourette Syndrome to inspire others

Singer Finds Inspiration in Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is one of the most misunderstood neurological syndromes. Meet an award-winning artist who is using it as musical inspiration.

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Guideposts: Best-selling author and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh

How Depression Brought Sheila Walsh Closer to God

Best-selling author and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh shares how she came to fully experience the transformational power of Jesus.

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Ellen (left) helped set Roberta on a healthier path.

The Sister-in-Law Diet

Ellen's calm, scientific way of thinking was strangely comforting. Whenever I slipped, she was there to pick me up.

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