Coping With Illness

Remembering Ryan White

Child AIDS activist Ryan White's mother, Jeanne, continues to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

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A bathroom door sign reading Friends with two female stick figures holding hands

Living with Cancer: Lean on Me

As she battled cancer, she relied on her best friend, and Patti always came through.

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5 Warning Signs of Suicide

5 Warning Signs of Suicide

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Here are some ways to recognize despair in your loved ones.

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Rev. Run and Justine Simmons

Rev. Run and Justine Simmons Fight Back Against Diabetes

The reality show couple share the importance of knowing your risk for diabetes and tips for good health.

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The Ebola virus

Ebola: Don't Panic, Prepare

This registered nurse and Ph.D. breaks down the disease and how you can protect yourself

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Bridgette Mitcheff at the Tae Kwon Do studio with Alec and Zachariah

Tae Kwon Do Mom

I watched my son at practice and thought, Hey, maybe I can do that too.

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Jane Shukitis

150 Pounds Later

She was hooked on quick-fix diets until she found a long-term solution.

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Katrina Little gazes out her kitchen window.

Supernatural Self-Control

Every diet I tried, every weight-loss book—nothing worked. Then I prayed for help.

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 A smiling Noma Jewell leans on a tennis net while holding a racket.

A Spiritual Solution

Five-foot-two. 240 pounds. 28 years old. Was it too late for a new me?

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Jackie and Diane in aprons at a healthy church supper

Wednesday Night Special

Meet two women who got their whole church to lighten up.

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Mary wraps a tape measure around Tom's newly slim waist.

Choose to Live!

How did his waistline drop from 47 inches to a svelte 37? Just ask his wife!

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Jeannette Doyle Parr

Step By Step

Sometimes you have to start small to make a big difference.

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