Coping With Illness

Jackie and Diane in aprons at a healthy church supper

Wednesday Night Special

Meet two women who got their whole church to lighten up.

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Mary wraps a tape measure around Tom's newly slim waist.

Choose to Live!

How did his waistline drop from 47 inches to a svelte 37? Just ask his wife!

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Jeannette Doyle Parr

Step By Step

Sometimes you have to start small to make a big difference.

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Edward Grinnan, editor-in-chief of Guideposts

The World Series, My Uncle and the Battle of the Bulge

How a relative struggled to survive the aftermath of war

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An open laptop sitting on rumpled bedsheets

A Poem for the Pain

She awakened from a nap to find an inspiring poem on her laptop. But who wrote it?

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Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

A Little Red Ball of Hope

Daniel Kessel shares how one reader was comforted after Robin Williams’ tragic death.

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William Styron on Depression

William Styron on Depression

William Styron, who was struck with depression in 1985, writes about that experience.

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Michelle Williams

The Power to End Stroke

Singer Michelle Williams shares tips on recognizing the symptoms of a stroke.

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Lauryn Lax, now healthy and strong

To Feed My Soul

She didn't have the will to battle her eating disorder until caring strangers intervened.

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Kelly Kunik

The Courage to Speak Out

I am a person with diabetes, not a diabetic. I can't let my condition define me.

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A cat on the alert

One of a Kind Feline

She was usually allergic to cats, but not the one who entered her life to look after her.

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Actress Elisabeth Rohm

The Women Who Inspired Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Rohm honors her late mother by joining the fight against heart disease.

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