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T. Morgan Dixon (right) and Vanessa Garrison, the founders of GirlTrek

GirlTrek: Regaining Your Health One Step at a Time

GirlTrek founders T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison share how they were inspired to create the largest health non-profit for Black women in the country.


GirlTrek Helps Women Walk with Gratitude

The non-profit organization's 40-Day Gratitude Trek helps women walk for exercise every day and practice gratitude by writing 40 thank you notes to deserving people.

A smiling woman cools off after a healthy run along a country lane

5 Easy Ways to Exercise More

If your life is more sedentary than it should be but you don't know how to get started, these five tips may be just what you're looking for.

How walking in nature can lower stress and promote health

The Aim of Being Aimless

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman discovers a walk does wonders, but only if one wanders.

6 ways to pray while you exercise.

6 Ways to Pray While You Exercise

Get physically and spiritually fit at the same time!

Fitness inspiration for getting healthier in the New Year.

Fitness Inspiration for a New You

Don't be intimidated by gyms if you want to exercise more. Here's a useful mantra.

Tai Chi instructor Mikki Davis

Body and Soul: Integrating Tai Chi with Faith

Certified Tai Chi instructor Mikki Davis shares how her tai chi relates to and complements her Christian faith. Read Mikki's story!

Family Frisbee. Photo: Thinkstock.

Make Fitness Fun for the Family!

Kids learn by example. That means exercise starts with Mom and Dad. Here are 5 ways to get moving.

Woman walking. Photo: Thinkstock.

Finding Time To Exercise

5 ways to work exercise into your already jam-packed life.

Lisa with her blogging partner, Jon, outside the ballpark where the Spartan Sprint was held

My Inner Spartan

The last shall be first? Right. But first I had to finish