3 Benefits of Incorporating Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Keeping a consistent workout schedule can help you achieve more than just physical results.

Posted in , Sep 25, 2020

Woman exercising in her kitchen

When it comes to exercise, the biggest challenge people face is consistency.

Fitting your new exercise routine into a hectic lifestyle can be tough, but possible; whether choosing to wake up earlier or replacing TV time with physical activity, you’re well on your way to reaping the benefits of staying active.

In addition to achieving your fitness goals, following a consistent workout routine plays a big role in creating a healthier lifestyle.

Here are three benefits of keeping up with a regular exercise plan.

Provides Consistency

A consistent workout plan helps build endurance and leads to better sleep quality, less stress and an improved mood. According to Healthline, a study in which 26 healthy men and women who exercised regularly and were asked to either continue or stop their workouts for two weeks, showed that “those who stopped exercising experienced increases in negative mood.”

You’re also less likely to fall off the exercise wagon when you incorporate a fitness plan into your daily schedule. By adding it to your routine, it becomes a realistic part of your life. Choose specific days and times for your physical activity and stick to them. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding time to exercise, if it’s already on your to-do list.

Achieves Work-Life Balance

When you have a good fitness plan, you’re less likely to feel conflicted between your personal life and your work life. According to The Huffington Post, consistent exercise boosts your levels of self-efficacy, the confidence to get things done. It helps you attain the physical and mental endurance you need to persevere through your day-to-day. 

Saint Leo University management professor, Russell Clayton, discussed his research findings of a positive relationship between physical activity and work-home life management. “Through its direct impact on increased self-efficacy and reduced psychological strain, exercise leads to better integration of professional and personal lives,” he said.

Provides Structure and Discipline

Having a workout schedule sets guidelines and expectations that lead to a better, structured life. Everything is laid out for you so you’re not wondering what to do next and in turn, save time for other things on your to-do list.

Keeping up with your fitness will also help you become more disciplined. You’ll find yourself having more control of your day with a stronger focus set on accomplishing your goals

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