No Gain Even Through the Pain

Why she exercised through her back injury troubles.

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A couple of weeks ago I began having severe back pain in the right flank section. It was most uncomfortable when I would sit or lie down. I was unable to sleep well at night, so I decided to go to the doctor to have it checked out. 

After an initial misdiagnosis, I eventually discovered that I had a pulled muscle which was brought on after loading and unloading a truckload of firewood.

This inconvenience has put a bit of a damper on my exercise regime. I have continued to exercise, but have basically limited it to fast walking and slow small stretches.

As I continue to heal I am grateful that I have maintained my weight, especially through the holidays. 

Many times I've thought, It's too painful, so I'm not exercising today. But I make myself exercise anyway. There are many positive reasons why, such as, a quicker healing time due to keeping the muscle loose by exercising, and feeling stronger and more energetic even through the pain.   

Exercise offers so many more benefits than just weight loss, as I have just mentioned. There are so many misconceptions that exercising will tire you out or make you hurt, but that is quite the contrary.

So, even though I may experience a little discomfort, I will continue to exercise so I won’t gain while I continue through this pain.

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