Healing takes many forms. Healing the body might mean finding wellness or moving through an illness. Healing the mind could mean managing anxiety, cultivating inner peace and pursuing emotional balance. Healing the spirit is often a journey of faith and prayer. All forms of healing are important and worth pursuing.

Building a Better Body Image

7 Steps to Building a Better Body Image

When negative body image issues begin to spiral out of control, remembering these seven steps will help you to love your body again. 

Healing and love

Love and Healing

For every moment of pain in my life there have been many more corresponding moments of kindness and compassion.

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Coming Full Circle, the painting that changed Linda's view of death

A Grieving Nurse Finds Comfort in Her Painting

Inspired by a dream, a career nurse uses her avocation, painting, to alter the way she views her mother's death from cardiac arrest twenty years earlier.

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Actress Mary Martin

Guideposts Classics: Mary Martin on Choosing Life

In this story from May 1984, the beloved star of stage and screen shares how she overcame health issues with determination, grit and faith.

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Actor Art Carney

Guideposts Classics: Art Carney on God's Healing Power

In this story from July 1997, the popular actor Art Carney shares the story about how God saw him through heart surgery—and made him a changed man.

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An acupuncture practitioner inserts needles into a patient's back

A Brief History of Acupuncture

The ancient healing art had roots in spiritual practice, but is now a medically accepted treatment.

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How to embrace scars as a sign of healing.

The Message Behind Scars

They may not be attractive, but they can represent signs of healing.

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Lynne Nichols with her son, Ben.

A Mother’s Love

Sometimes it’s the only thing on earth that can save us

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Guideposts: A young man stands gazing out at a fog-covered lake surrounded by mountains

Why You Should Stop Trying to Be So Productive

Scanning Facebook while reading this article? Discover why your multi-tasking is not making you more productive--and why rest matters.

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Old letters

How Rereading His Letters from Vietnam Helped a Veteran Find Peace

Letters from soldiers stationed at the front during wartime can be inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking. For one woman and her ex-husband, these letters were healing.

What happens when a doctor takes a leap of faith?

A Doctor’s Leap of Faith

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman considers the ways doctors go beyond the logic of medicine.

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Guideposts: A husband and wife pray together.

Our Steps to Healing

In this excerpt from Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral, author Rosey Brausen, who in the February-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways shares a story of her husband's deliverance from a terminal cancer diagnosis, offers 10 steps for faith-based healing.

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Guideposts: Judith Orloff, M.D.

What Do Dreams Mean? Our Readers Asked An Expert

Have you ever awakened from a strange, even wondrous dream and found yourself asking what it meant? Mysterious Ways readers were given the chance to ask an expert, Dr. Judith Orloff.

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Guideposts: Shelly Cawley and daughter Rylan

The Healing Touch of a Newborn Daughter

As he shared in his story in the Feb-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways, Jeremy Cawley had almost lost hope when his wife, Shelly, fell into a coma during labor. Listen as Jeremy recounts how Shelly was called back to life by an encounter with the couple’s newborn daughter, Rylan.

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