A Good Friday Plea

Lonely on the holiest day of the year, a little girl prays for a miracle.

Posted in , Apr 3, 2015

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Have you ever made a special request to God on Good Friday, one of the holiest days of the year?

That’s exactly what Pamela Anderson did, back when she was just 9 years old in Lancaster, Texas. Lonely on Good Friday, she prayed for a miracle.

Here’s her story…

I plopped down on the porch on Good Friday morning and cried my eyes out. I was 9 years old, a preacher’s daughter and the youngest of four kids. Daddy was away in Buffalo, New York. He’d gotten stranded there because of a blizzard. Meanwhile, Mom was in the hospital.

She’d just undergone surgery to remove three tumors in her right breast. The doctors didn’t yet know if the tumors were malignant, but one word dominated my thoughts–cancer.  I just wanted Mom to come home so bad. Even with all my family around, I never felt so alone.

I squeezed my hands together and prayed with all my heart, just like Mom had taught me. She’d told me all about miracles, and I’d heard about them at church every Sunday. If ever I needed one, it was now. “Please, Lord, please send my mom home for Easter.”

Something kinda funny happened after that. I stopped crying. I felt oddly at peace. Mom was going to walk through our front door on Easter Sunday–I just knew it!

I ran into the house to tell my grandparents, who were watching us while my parents were away. “Mom’s coming home on Easter,” I said. “God told me!”

“God definitely heard your prayer, sweetheart,” Granddad said. “But your mom isn’t ready to come home just yet. She’s still recovering.”

That weekend, I couldn’t help but feel blue. Maybe I had heard God wrong? Maybe my miracle wasn’t coming?

On Sunday morning, we were about to leave for church when a big yellow taxi cab pulled up to the front of the house. A woman holding a flowered overnight bag got out.

“Happy Easter, everyone,” Mom said, smiling weakly. She’d been released early with a clean bill of health–she was cancer free!

Many years have gone by since then and Mom has passed away. But every Easter I think about that Good Friday prayer. How God heard my lonely cry and sent my mother back home to me.

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