After a Deep Loss, a Heartfelt Thank You

A note of appreciation for all the prayers and support in the wake of a wife’s death.

Posted in , Jun 23, 2022

Edward Grinnan

I had an old editor at Guideposts once—you may remember him, Van Varner—who would tell me the tears are supposed to be in the eyes of the reader, not the writer or narrator. He also disliked the use of the word “heart.” He saw it as a substitute for genuine emotion in a piece. He would hate the ubiquitous heart emoji. 

Yet I can’t help admitting I was overwhelmed with emotion at your prayers and support in response to my piece on my wife, Julee’s, death. You exhibited the qualities that Guideposts strives to both practice and instill: faith, hope and prayer. Acceptance over judgment.

That will be all from me this week. A tearful, heartfelt thank you for all the love. (Sorry, Van.)

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