Dear Aging: How It Feels to Get Older

Carolyn Bolz, one of the three “Dear Aging” contest winners, wrote a poem about the joys and challenges of getting older, and how to stay hopeful as the years unfold.  

Posted in , Oct 8, 2020

Carolyn Bolz

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What are some of the wisdom, changes and perks of getting older? teamed up with Arnicare for the “Dear Aging Contest” to find out. Readers were asked to share their growing older stories, wisdom and experiences, from writing about how their bodies have changed to what they’re doing to stay healthy.

For contest winner Carolyn Bolz, the win comes full circle with Guideposts Magazine.

“Can you believe that when I was in high school, I was one of the winners in Guideposts Magazine’s Youth Writing Contest?” Bolz wrote in an email. “My story about how my sister Judy and I participated in a Christmas program for Deaf students was awarded a $500 college scholarship.” Bolz said both she and her sister are not Deaf, but know sign language and were asked to join the Deaf students in their program that year. Bolz wrote a poem on her changing body and the hopes she has for the future. 

Dear Aging,

As I have gotten older,
I’ve learned to be strong
And not to worry
That things may go wrong.

My life has definitely
Changed for the best,
Although at times,
I have to stop and rest.

Of course, my hair
Has begun turning gray.
Plus, I notice wrinkles
Almost everyday.

I also need my glasses
To read the fine print
Or I can find myself
Having to squint.

Despite these troubles,
I feel just fine,
Even if my health
Isn’t perfect all the time.

I want to stay hopeful
As I start growing old.
I can’t wait to see
The next years unfold.

Yes, I have learned
Being joyful is the key
To aging gracefully!
(Don’t you agree?)

Your friend,

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