Dear Aging: Thank You

Linda, one of the three “Dear Aging” letter-writing contest winners, shares the opportunities and beauty that aging brings.

Posted in , Oct 12, 2020

Dear Aging contest winner grateful for life and walk on the beach.

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Aging brings certain things in life into perspectives, like the ability to move and take on the opportunities ahead. teamed up with Arnicare for the “Dear Aging” contest to find out. Readers were asked to share their growing older stories, wisdom and experiences, from writing about how their bodies have changed to what they’re doing to stay healthy.

For Linda, growing older and wiser does come with some aches and pains, but also opportunities to love, learn and be more present and open to joy. She shares what it means to trust in the uncertainties that life brings by being grateful.      

Dear Aging,

Are you my friend? Are you my foe? Some days you are both. Aging is not for the faint of heart, yet I’m so grateful to have the gift of life each day. Opportunities to live and love and continue to learn.

Aging, you have taught me much. I’m not as impulsive or explosive as I once was and I’d like to think I’m kinder; even to myself. My body hurts more often now and I often blame you, so in fairness, I must give you credit for all you’ve done to help me value my body. I respect what it needs now, I’m mindful of what I put into my body and exercise is no longer a chore. Aging, you have made me love to move just because I can!

Aging has made me realize how little I knew and how much more I know now. I don’t have all the answers but I trust God with the uncertainties. I’ve learned to be present and to grasp the lovely moments of joy that are gifted to me daily on this journey of life. And the seasons of sadness and grief can be teachers too. Without your tutelage, Aging, would I have ever realized that? I think not.

Lastly Aging, I’m learning you are more friend than enemy, because of you I can advise the “ youngers” to be in the moment and enjoy the journey, not just the destination. The only one that taught me that is you, dear Aging. For all that you are and will be to me, even though you confuse and frustrate me at times, just know I’m truly thankful for you.



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