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In this excerpt from Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral, author Rosey Brausen, who in the February-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways shares a story of her husband's deliverance from a terminal cancer diagnosis, offers 10 steps for faith-based healing.

- Posted on Jan 18, 2016

Guideposts: A husband and wife pray together.

1. Seek the Lord. Go to the Lord ASAP and ask Him to make your path clear. Pour out your heart to Him, ask Him to heal you, and ask Him the way you should go.

2. Read all the healings recorded in the Bible. Which stories stand out to you? Meditate on those stories and ask God to reveal their importance to your situation.

3. Find a book that contains a list of God’s promises in the Bible. (See Bible Promises for Life by BroadStreet Publishing, which contains over 2,000 promises.) Say the Scriptures that meet your current need out loud over yourself or your loved one. These promises are typically organized by category for ease.

4. Ask your friends and family to pray. Keep them updated as your situation changes. Remember this is not a burden for others. They want to help. It is actually a privilege. Gather them together for group prayer whenever possible.

5. Be transparent and spend time in repentance. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring any sin to your memory so you can repent. After you have gone through repentance, it is very important to receive God’s forgiveness and let your icky stuff go. It is not our Lord’s nature to want you to feel guilt or shame; those are tools of the enemy.

6. Put on your spiritual armor every day. Pray Ephesians 6:10–18 and ask Jesus to cover your mind, body, spirit, will, emotion, and soul in His shed blood.

7. Be aware of your thoughts and what you profess with your words. If they do not follow a Christ-like pattern, they aren’t worth saying or thinking.

8. Walk in gratitude for the healing you have already received and then walk it out to the best of your ability. Remember healing can be instantaneous but it also can take a while. Remind yourself that God’s will is to heal our diseases and bind our wounds (Jeremiah 30:17).

9. Laugh as much as possible and continue to make plans for tomorrow and the future.

10. Then stand until you have victory.


Book cover for Praying for Healing while Planning a FuneralRosey Brausen is the author of Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral from BroadStreet Publishing.

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