Share your story. It could heal or inspire someone. Or change someone's life.

Share Your Story

You can heal by telling your story. You can fight back. You can change a life.

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The healing power of song. Rick Hamlin will be singing a song a day during Advent.

The Healing Power of Song

After a serious lung infection, Rick Hamlin gets an early Christmas gift.

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Guideposts: A woman gazes thoughtful out a window.

Turning Worry into Faith and Action

Worry won't get you far. But taking action in faith will.

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The Blessing of Old Hymns

The Blessing of Old Hymns

Their familiar words have wrapped around my soul and brought comfort in the night.

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How to heal from past hurts.

Healing from Past Hurts

How to get out of the rut of revisiting past hurts and re-opening old wounds.

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Guideposts: Legendary actress Lillian Gish discusses how faith has impacted her life

Guideposts Classics: Lillian Gish on God's Healing Light

In this story from May 1982, the legendary actress shares how a particular Bible verse reminded her that God's power can push the darkness aside in times of trouble.

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vegetable soup and cornbread healed her soul and sparked an idea to help others

Healing Ministry in a Mason Jar

A simple jar of soup lovingly offered during a time of heartbreak leads to a program to help others.

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Mikki Davis has found that tai chi integrates very well with her faith.

Healing after Divorce with Tai Chi

Even after her divorce was final, the stress—and the pain that accompanied it—remained. Could an unfamiliar, eastern martial-arts discipline be the answer?

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Martin Pistorius

God Knew He Was Still There

Pistorius, who was stricken at age 12 with a mysterious, life-altering illness, shares how faith has helped him through his most difficult moments. Read Martin's story!

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Dr. Robert Lesslie; photo by Davis Turner

Miracles in the E.R.

Here are three healings even a doctor can’t explain...

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woman in a field at sunrise

Achieving Your Purpose ‘Beyond Willpower’

Dr. Alexander Loyd’s new book provides a roadmap to healing

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Porch steps. Thinkstock.

A Good Friday Plea

Lonely on the holiest day of the year, a little girl prays for a miracle.

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