Living Longer, Living Better

Living longer is both a goal and a reality for many people these days. But we all know that living better is just as important as living longer. Make longer living better living by staying connected to your community, being mindful of your physical and emotional health, and engaging your mind in positive, productive tasks each day.

Erin, trumpet in hand, pauses during band rehearsal

She Picked Up Her Horn and a Passion Was Reborn

She enjoyed being a wife and mother, but still felt discontented, disconnected from who she once was. Until she finally returned to her first love: music.

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

Wendy Borden beat breast cancer, now she's delivering healthy meals to those fighting life threatening illnesses. 

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John Gray Family

Diabetes Showed Pastor John Gray a Reason to Fight

'The Book of John Gray' reality show star and Lakewood Church pastor thought diabetes was a death sentence; then he found a reason to live.

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Woman calculating numbers using a calculator

What to Think About When Thinking About Retirement

Keep these helpful tips in mind when planning for your financial future and family after retiring.

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Three senior citizens playing pool

To Retire with Purpose, Know Your Purpose

Former CEO of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society shares some tips on how retirement can change your life in terms of spirituality and having a sense of community.

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B. Verde at the Scripp's Health Center

This Heart Attack Survivor Wants You to Know the Signs

After surviving a heart attack, Bertha "B" Verde wants other women to know what she didn't when it comes to heart disease. 

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Joe conducts a preflight check of a Cessna 172.

How One Man Found Purpose After Retirement

Joe Morris couldn't wait to retire. But when his post-retirement plans fell through, he floundered. Until he got the chance to fly. 

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Senior women laughing over coffee

10 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Life can be a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs and sometimes it can be too much for us to handle. Here are some useful tips to improve your daily outlook.

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Family Gardening

7 Easy Veggies To Grow Yourself

Shrink your food bill by planting these easy-to-grow herbs and veggies at home.

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A mature married couple gaze contently out the window

7 Questions to Help You Spiritually Prepare for Retirement

It's important to be financially prepared for one's golden years, but emotional, mental and even spiritual preparation are also keys to a happy retirement.

Dame Vera Lynn is celebrating her 100th birthday

100-Year-Old Singer Vera Lynn's Record-Breaking New Album

This beloved British singer is celebrating her 100th birthday by releasing a new album and sponsoring a charity concert.

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Dawn Blackman

How One Volunteer and a Community Garden Changed Children's Lives

When a business owner shared a bowl of snap peas with some local children, she never could have guessed she'd change their lives and her own. Discover how she revitalized a community garden and transformed a neighborhood.  

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A mature woman pauses during her volunteer activities

How Volunteering Adds Life to Your Years

Retirees frequently find purpose and fulfillment by turning to volunteering; here are some reasons why you might want to follow in their footsteps.

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7 Easy Habits to Improve Your Health

7 Easy Habits to Improve Your Health

Add these healthy habits to your daily routine and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

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