Living Longer, Living Better

Living longer is both a goal and a reality for many people these days. But we all know that living better is just as important as living longer. Make longer living better living by staying connected to your community, being mindful of your physical and emotional health, and engaging your mind in positive, productive tasks each day.

A depressed senior man gazes out the window

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression

Depression afflicts many older adults, and too often its symptoms are dismissed by those caring for them. Here are some tips for discussing depression with your physician.

the healing power of touch, two hands touching

The Healing Power of Touch

From massage therapy to cuddles with your pet, here are 4 affordable ways to bring healing into your life through touch.

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a woman writes in a journal

The Positive Power of Telling Your Story

Teaching creative writing at my town’s Senior Center reminded me of how much good comes from putting pen to paper.

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How Crafts Are Helping People with Chronic Illness Heal

How Crafts Are Helping People with Chronic Illness Heal

Through the craft website, Karen Thomas empowers others like her who are managing a chronic illness.

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Foods that fight stress

6 Foods to Fight Stress

These delicious, season-ready foods help your body clear inflammation, a classic symptom of chronic stress.

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Lisa Miller

Ask An Expert About the Science of Faith

Bestselling author Dr. Lisa Miller will be here to discuss the health benefits of leading a spiritual life.

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Senior Athletes Running

Why You Should Cheer for These Senior Athletes

The 2017 National Senior Games are bringing the spotlight to some of the world's oldest and most inspiring athletes. 

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Former Olympic pentathlete Tom Lough

This Olympian Thrives on Positive Thinking

Setting new goals has helped 1968 Olympian Tom Lough overcome setbacks brought on by aging, injuries and even cancer.

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James Carlson in his apartment playing the guitar

An Affordable Home on the Range

Having a budget-friendly apartment means no worries to this retiree cowboy.

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Marion and Gene revisited the things that made them each fall in love.

How Marriage Counseling and Communication Revived a Relationship

Contributing Editor Marion Bond West worried that her marriage had gone stale, but a pair of lists and a wise counselor helped her reconnect with her husband.

A retired couple discussing their life plans

Tips on Finding Meaning After Retirement

Being laid off at 63 left her looking for a new sense of purpose. Discover her practical tips for pursuing your dreams at any age.

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A woman mentors a graduate student

A Job Loss Helped Her Find a New Purpose

Laid off at 63, she looked for a new calling. She discovered what she valued and founded a national organization to help others.

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Erin, trumpet in hand, pauses during band rehearsal

Rediscovering a Passion for Music Changed This Mom's Life

She enjoyed being a wife and mother, but still felt discontented, disconnected from who she once was. Until she finally returned to her first love: music.

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This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

This Cancer Survivor Is Delivering Hope and Healthy Food to Others

Wendy Borden beat breast cancer, now she's delivering healthy meals to those fighting life threatening illnesses. 

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