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Dawn Blackman

She Shares the Joys of Gardening with City Kids

An Illinois seamstress and business owner found a way to put her faith into action: Teaches children in an urban setting about growing their vegetables.

7 Healthy Habits You Should Adopt

Add these healthy habits to your daily routine and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

visit a botanical garden

How Greenery Can Help You Live Longer

A recent Harvard University study shows that living around green vegetation increases women's life expectancy and mental health. Here are 5 ways to add some green to your life.

Grace smiles for the camera as she helps those in need.

Amazing Grace: A Nursing Assistant Makes a Difference

Grace understands that helping others and having a positive outlook on life will return with love in the future.

Get the whole family fluent in spanish

5 Cheap Ways to Learn a New Language

There are endless benefits to learning a new language at any age. These 5 tips will help you do it with the whole family, nearly for free!

Take control of your health. Living longer, living better.

Take Control of Your Health

Our bodies house the Holy Spirit. A new wellness series on Living Longer, Living Better.

T. Morgan Dixon (right) and Vanessa Garrison, founders of GirlTrek

Two Friends Start a Nationwide March to Better Health

T. Morgan Dixon and her best friend, Vanessa Garrison, were feeling stressed, unhappy and unhealthy, but an American hero inspired them to make a change and launch a movement.

A close-up of a woman's sneakers as she takes a healthy walk in the park

7 Ways to Walk to Well-Being

Walking is a great starter activity for those looking to get healthy. Here are some helpful tips for getting started!

Photo by Kevin Maloney

New Series: Living Longer, Living Better

Inspiring stories by people who face obstacles and find ways to improve their lives—mind, body and soul

Arvilla Cherney with her life coach Tanya Unterbrunner

Life Coaching: Because Even Caregivers Need Care

Start your caregiver journey with the help of an inspiring life coach who provides the support and motivation you need to persevere through challenges.