Living Longer, Living Better

Living longer is both a goal and a reality for many people these days. But we all know that living better is just as important as living longer. Make longer living better living by staying connected to your community, being mindful of your physical and emotional health, and engaging your mind in positive, productive tasks each day.

A family working together to prepare a meal in the kitchen.

Staying Connected Can Keep Seniors from Being Lonely

Are your aging loved ones feeling alone? Here are some helpful ways to keep them involved.

June Floyd has a special relationship with the rabbit — appropriately named Thumper — that makes her home in the senior living location in Fort Collins, Colorado, where June lives. Thumper's favorite lunch? Salad bar, of course.

Furry Friends with Benefits

These friendly animals give senior living residents the comfort they need.

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Two female friends enjoy a glass of lemonade together on a warm summer evening

The Benefits of Staying Social as a Senior

Many seniors find themselves leading a more solitary life, but staying social in one's golden years can yield many benefits.

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two hands hold a small empty bird nest

How to Embrace the Empty Nest

A mom offers 6 tips on how to enjoy the time with her spouse when the kids leave the nest.

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Lisa Patterson overcame illiteracy as an adult

She Overcame Adult Illiteracy and Changed Her Life

A mother and grandmother takes the courageous step to improve her limited reading and spelling skills and reclaims her life in the process.

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An older couple walking through a lush, green, scenic park.

4 Habits for a Healthy Future

It’s never too late to pave the way for healthy years ahead.

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A group of happy, active seniors

6 Ways to Age Actively and Prevent Loneliness

Isolation can affect our health and well-being. Try these six tips for staying active and connected.

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Steve and Lynne both know second chances are a rare blessing.

Was This Widow Ready to Love Again?

Still struggling 12 years after her husband's death, something convinced her to respond to a listing on an over-50 dating site: a vintage bright yellow VW bus.

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A older couple packs their belongings in moving boxes.

Tips for Downsizing and Moving

Moving? These handy tips will shed some light on how to save on future costs.

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A mature couple use a tablet together

Tech Tools to Enhance Your Parents’ Lives

Here are some helpful apps and tools you may want to suggest to your senior loved ones.

A group of senior citizen women enjoying themselves by the pool side.

Answer Me This: Retirement?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to choose a retirement location.

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gray haired woman in a library with a stack of books

How to Go Back to School Later in Life

Thirty years after she got her college degree, this mom decides to go back to school. Here's how she did it.

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Dietrich Schultz and Johnnie Mullin (right) lead a computer class for residents in a Eugene, Oregon, retirement community.

Never Too Old to Learn

After overcoming the obstacles, he realizes that God had a purpose for him that included his experience in technology.

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Fred drumming on an African drum with his wife, Jeanette standing by his side.

Music Therapy Brings Peace to Wife’s Difficult Decision

She needed help for her husband with Huntington’s disease, but wanted him to feel comfortable. See how music helped ease the transition.

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