4 Tips from Sleep Experts on Getting a Better Night's Rest

Start with these “4 Cs” to set yourself up for slumber success.

Posted in , Mar 28, 2022

Getting ready for bed

A good night’s sleep is so important for your mental and physical health—but alas, in these stressful times it can be a challenge for us to lay our heads on our pillows and smoothly drift off into dreamland. There are many “sleep hygiene” tips specialists recommend when a night’s rest is elusive or less than satisfying. Start with these “4 Cs” to set yourself up for success.

1)  Consistency
Sleep specialists recommend keeping your bedtime routine as consistent as possible, from the times you lie down for the night and rise in the morning, to the small rituals or activities you do to prepare yourself for sleep, like reading, stretching or wiping down the kitchen counter. 

2)  Comfort
Make your environment as relaxing and comfortable as possible to maximize the quality of your sleep. From soothing, pleasing colors to soft bed sheets and blankets, to the room temperature that works best for you, to minimizing clutter around your bed, think about what you can do to cue your brain to relax and unwind.

3)  Caffeine Care
It’s important to feel satisfied with your food and drink intake before you head off to bed. But there are some things to avoid—particularly sugar and caffeine—too close to bedtime. If you are having trouble falling asleep, ask yourself if there is a simple change you could make to your coffee and tea routines to help ease your transition to dreamland.

4)  Close Your Screens
Experts recommend exposure to natural light during the day and limiting light exposure as you prepare for sleep. That may mean shortening your screen time or only watching shows or playing online games on the couch, not in bed. Some of us use our technology to read, watch relaxing programs and generally relax. That’s ok—just be sure to set your device to its “evening” light setting, and try not to use it in bed. 

What best practices for healthy sleep would you add to this list?

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