5 Key Nutrients for Better Gut Health

by Jessica Toomer

This article is provided in collaboration with Gundry.

“All disease begins in the gut.”

There’s a reason this phrase from Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician many consider to be the “father of medicine,” still rings true today. The digestive tract is one of the largest and most crucial systems in our body, and when our gut isn’t feeling good, neither are we. Research has shown there are undeniable links between gut health and problems with everything from immune deficiencies to mental health issues, skin conditions, endocrine disorders, and even cancer.

This is why paying attention to your gut is so important. A good digestive system is one that’s diverse. We have trillions of bacteria in our intestines—or as experts call them, our “gut microbiota”—and while a small percentage can cause disease, a vast majority of them are what’s known as “good bacteria,” the kind that’s essential to our overall health.

When we’re missing some of that good bacteria is when problems pop up: inflammation, indigestion, even more serious disorders like Crohn’s Disease and IBS are thought to be caused by a “leaky gut,” i.e. a digestive tract lacking in key nutrients. If you’ve been struggling to get your gut in check, or if you’re curious as to how to keep your digestive system happy so that your body stays healthy, these foods, vitamins, and daily habits should do the trick.